What you can do if your cat is bored…

If your cat is bored, you maybe need to become creative. Some cats do need more activity and some less. But they do still have a hunting instinct and you can make use of this fact. I noticed the more I play with my cat, the more she gets creative and imaginative to keep herself busy. So, I want to say the more you play with a cat the more it will find ideas to be busy even without your help in the future. I agree there are some cats who are rather lazy but in many cases it is … Continue reading What you can do if your cat is bored…

Don´t Eat Snow Pie

I often wrote here that my mother can become very creative if she is bored. What I mean is,… she then starts to look around to find ideas what to do. I really like that because this is a way to look what the surrounding world offers. Since here is still so many snow in North Germany and because her balcony is full of snow. she started to create a pie out of snow. Don´t worry.. nobody did eat the snow pie. But you must admit the pie could pass as artwork… or? Continue reading Don´t Eat Snow Pie

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

The Daily Post asked: “If you could choose to be a master of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?” Well, it is not easy for me to answer since I could write down a lot of things now. But I often wished I would be a master in painting but in fact I can not paint a bit. Lately I also love to watch people playing piano on youtube. Some of you know I like music and I do play guitar but piano would be something I would love to be master in. At the moment … Continue reading Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

More Paintings of my Mother

Like mentioned here, my Mom is trying out painting with acrylic Colors and looks like she has fun doing so. Today she finished some new Stuff. Here is it: I like the Painting on the first Photo. I like the red and black color mixed and used. I am not sure about the other Paintings but I really love the first one. But whatever I do think.. the most important Thing is that my Mother has a lot of fun and that she knows how to have a great Time. Continue reading More Paintings of my Mother

Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother

I think my Mother found a new Hobby. She starts to paint very abstract Stuff on Canvas. I am happy that she found new Activities and told her that it is cool but that I dont have an Eye for abstract Arts and Paintings. But I am happy that she has fun exploring new Interests. I like it if People know how to have a fun Time. There is nothing more worse than, if you dont have any Hobbys or if you dont want to try out new Things. That´s why I think it´s great. Here are some Paintings she … Continue reading Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother

My Mother is already in Christmas spirit!

I told you already that my Mother is pretty creative sometimes. She also likes to create Christmas floral arrangements. Last Days she told me that she started to create some. I took the Photos above. She makes them and gift them later to all the other People in the Family. I think she has fun doing so. As I said she loves to be creative and crafting. It´s always fun to see that my Mother has such Activities. I think it is important that you have Hobbys and Activities. And I do think crafting is one of these great Ideas … Continue reading My Mother is already in Christmas spirit!