A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

There will be new opportunities for nature photos in the future. My mother and her husband got an offer to get a nice garden. The garden is near the Trave River in Lübeck. I didn´t see the garden yet but my mother did send me the images above via WhatsApp. They said they need to work to make it all beautiful but I am already excited about the photos. It´s not far away from the river of our town and this is pretty great because there is a lot of nature too. Maybe not so much nature like in Salem, … Continue reading A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

Uncle´s Dog Emmi Again

Above you can see one of the dogs which enrich my uncle´s life. The dog you can see on the photo is called Emmi and I uploaded already some other photos of her. This is a very beautiful half-breed dog. She is really very confiding and playful. Sometimes too playful, because she can´t understand it if you stop to play, and that is at times quite exhausting I´d say. She is really so playful that the word “wild” would fit much better. But she is so cute. I shot this photo in Salem last weekend. Continue reading Uncle´s Dog Emmi Again

Uncle´s Dog Emmi

On the two photos above you can see Emmi. My uncle has two dogs. The other one is called Schani. Schani is rather a calm dog while Emmi is pretty wild and can never stop to play. They both are contrasts, really. My mother took the photos on the campsite in Salem. One of the images is sadly overexposed but I am too lazy today to check out if I can fix the image with Photoshop. Anyway, it´s category snapshot. Continue reading Uncle´s Dog Emmi

Uncles Dog yet again…

In the image above you can see my uncles dog. It´s a very confiding and happy dog. I like the image. It´s fun to have so much pets and animals in our family. Inspiring and does result in a lot of photos for my blog. The image has been taken some time ago, but I do still have so many photos on my hard drive that I can´t upload them all at the same time. That´s why I do it at times. Continue reading Uncles Dog yet again…