Rest In Peace Schani

Yesterday we got a bad news. One of my uncles dogs had to be put to sleep due to very bad health conditions. I always called her Schani but I think my uncle wrote the name Schany. She was so cute and we all are sad to hear that she couldn’t make it. Rest in peace Schani, I never will forget that you greeted me first when I visited my uncle. You might be in dog heaven right now, but you have your place on earth too, not only with the cute photos on my blog, but also in our … Continue reading Rest In Peace Schani

Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End

I thought it is time again for some Photoshop work. Above you can see the result of the work. I had this very bad base image of a quite funny looking dog. If I mean bad, then I really mean bad. There was almost everything wrong with the base image but since the dog looked so funny I gave my self the task to get the best out of the image as I can. I didn’t really think that I can get great results as the original image is just horrible, but I am anyhow quite happy what I have … Continue reading Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End

Snapshots of Billy in the Car

We were in the garden again yesterday to enjoy the afternoon outdoors. The garden is just five minutes away from the home of my mother and her husband, so that it is not too much stress for their dog in the car. I was on the back seat and paid attention to him. At times I had to laugh because he seemed to enjoy to watch out of the windows and it was funny. I took these snapshots when we were in the car. The image quality is bad which is why I call them snapshots. But I still like … Continue reading Snapshots of Billy in the Car

Billy And The Garden Again

As I mentioned weeks ago, my mother and her husband have a garden now that they rent in our town. It´s still a lot to do like removing the weeds for example. Today they were again in the garden and I just live 15 or 20 minutes away when I walk. They called me if I want to come in the garden and I said yes because I wanted to go jogging anyway and then I would have a destination. Yes, by the way, I do go run again. I did that last year but at some point I gave … Continue reading Billy And The Garden Again