Jako The Black Labrador

I showed you Jacko already once on my blog. It’s the black labrador of my uncle. My uncle, my aunt and the kids are often in the nature on the campsite with the dog on weekends. At times it can happen that my uncle is very busy even afternoons or evenings due to his company, but then the dog has a place to go too, my mother did take care about the dog when this happens, but it doesn’t happen too often. That means the dog is used to other people. It’s fun to play with him, he is really … Continue reading Jako The Black Labrador

Rest In Peace Billy

Bad news, Billy the dog of my mother and her husband died today. He became 16 years old, almost 17 years old, he reached a proud age. He got more and more health problems over the last two years. Over the last weeks he looked very tired, and today I got a phone call and my mother said that they would bring him to the vet now, as he was not able to walk on his own legs anymore since today. Later I got another phone call, my mother told me that he had serious problems to breathe in the … Continue reading Rest In Peace Billy

Beautiful Husky Dog

One of my neighbors has a beautiful husky dog, it’s the dog you see in the photo. I shot some more photos of the dog but if you know me, I do always save some for future uploads like winter time or just any time I want to edit or upload them. I like to have two strings for one bow. I am also too lazy to prepare one than one photo at a time for a single blog post. I am not happy how I framed the dog, I wish I would have taken the image that the whole … Continue reading Beautiful Husky Dog

Thirsty Billy

We went to the garden last week and I shot quite a lot of images, but I mentioned this already. Above you can see one photo of this day, it’s Billy the dog of my mother. I still have plenty of photos, but I sorted already tons of them out as not all were good but some are really cool. I especially like it that I can now freeze the moments to the point that you can even see the tongue of animals when they eat or drink, because this was more about luck with my previous gear. Continue reading Thirsty Billy

Red Ball, Red Background

I also do now enjoy to take photos of objects. I took a photo of the red ball that we use to play with Billy, the dog of my mother. I will definitely take more photos of objects, because this is fun too and you never know if you need some of the photos for related articles or so. I was attracted by the red colour when I saw the red ball on the red bench. Continue reading Red Ball, Red Background