Happy New Year!

I always visit my family for an hour before the new year starts, but after that I usually visited friends. Well, this time it was very different. I did send my greetings to the friends, but I celebrated only with my family. Today, we all wanted to celebrate with my uncle who got a terrible brain tumor diagnosis some time ago. In December 2015 we actually didn’t know that this would be his diagnosis, but I moved to him at this time to help him with his health issues. Today it really felt strange that this is already a year … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Happy New Year My Friends!

I want to wish you all a happy new year! I slept quite long today due to the long and loud party outside. I hope you had a great day too. I bet it was quite colourful too where you live. I thought I upload some photos that my mother took while new years midnight fireworks. She also created a video that is sadly recorded upright, but it’s not too bad and shows some of the loud fireworks we saw. But I assume you are happy as I am that it is now more silent. Happy new year my friends! … Continue reading Happy New Year My Friends!

New Year’s Eve 2013 to 2014…. The Cold and the Fireworks

I had a bad cold on New Year´s Eve so that it was not the best day for me. I visited my mother and her husband who catched a cold too. We thought “Well, shit happen´s” and just waited for midnight. It was not a real party for us I would say. But still better than being alone at home. Because of the cold we all didn´t even want to make a big party. There was sadly this “Oh when is it midnight? I want to go to bed!” feeling. But then… Happy New Year! We went outside to at … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2013 to 2014…. The Cold and the Fireworks