Happy New Year!


I always visit my family for an hour before the new year starts, but after that I usually visited friends. Well, this time it was very different. I did send my greetings to the friends, but I celebrated only with my family. Today, we all wanted to celebrate with my uncle who got a terrible brain tumor diagnosis some time ago. In December 2015 we actually didn’t know that this would be his diagnosis, but I moved to him at this time to help him with his health issues. Today it really felt strange that this is already a year ago, that we are back in the city, but at the same time I was happy that my uncle is still around us. I tell you a secret, a very risky promise came true today. In May 2016 after his diagnosis, he was concerned that he maybe would not see the next year, but I convinced him that we would definitely celebrate another start of the year. You know, I take him and his health issues serious, but sometimes you need to make risky promises to calm someone down. I was not sure if he still would be around us today, but it seems my promise worked. I reminded him, he said “You’ve been right”, and we celebrated it with him.

I don’t have a lot of wishes for this year, at least my wishes are not of materialist nature. I wish my uncle can make another year yet again, and hopefully more. I wish me and my family luck but especially health. I am here to wish my readers and their loved ones the same. I hope you all will have a lucky year, but I do especially hope that you all stay healthy! Can’t await to communicate with you, on your blogs, on my blog… A happy new year!

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