How To Restore The WordPress 48 Hours Stats Graph



Sadly, changed some of the backend features and designs to the worse, but you probably noticed it. Fortunately, there are still workarounds to restore the old editor and to get one of the previous stats pages back. But now you might have noticed that they removed the 48 hours graph in the top bar, to be more exact, they moved it into one of the menus in the new dashboard. If you are like me, and if you want to restore the previous position of the 48 hour spark line, you are in luck… Our friend tPenguinLTG helped us out again and wrote another script, this time a script that will restore the stats graph in the admin bar!

How To Restore The 48 Hours Graph

1. If you previously went through every step of the classic editor script tutorial or the classic stats page tutorial, you should be well prepared for the next steps and you can skip the first step entirely. If not, now is the time to take a look what kind of browser you use. If you don’t know it, there is a site that shows you the browser name. If your browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you’re good to go, otherwise I can’t suggest this often enough, install one of both because they are far better than any other browser. If you decided for Firefox, install the extension Greasemonkey, if you have Chrome installed then install Tampermonkey. The browser extensions with the funny monkey name do allow us to run user scripts that we need to customize our blogging experience.

2. Now we need to install the 48h stats graph script, so that our browser and the funny monkey extension can load it. If you didn’t find it, there is a green button on the page with the label “Install this script”. Just click on the button and you should be asked if you really want to install the script, where you have to agree so that the script can be installed. Are we done yet? We will find out in the next step!

3. The last step totally depends on whether our blog has the “” ending or your own domain name. If your blog has the “”, you’re already done and the script should work now! If you have your own domain, there is still something we need to do now. We need to add our domain in the script options. Since the way to the script option is slightly different depending on whether you use Firefox with Greasemonkey or Chrome with Tampermonkey, I will explain it separately for both cases…

If you use Chrome and Tampermonkey: Look for the symbol in the top area of Chrome that looks like a black square with round corners and two eyes. This is your Tampermonkey symbol, click on it to open the menu. One of the entries in the menu should be a green symbol with tools and the label “Dashboard”. If you click on this entry, you should now get to a page where all your installed scripts are listed. Click on the “ Stats Sparkline” script and then on “Settings”. Take a look at the area called “Includes/Excludes”, you should find a box with the headline “User includes”. Click on the “Add…” button and add your domain name in the following format:


. The asterisk sign at the end is needed so that the script runs on all sub pages!

If you use Firefox and Greasemonkey: Look for the monkey symbol in the top area of Firefox. This is your Greasemonkey symbol, click on it to open the menu. There should be one entry called “Manage user scripts…”, click on it. You should now see the “ Stats Sparkline” script in the list, click the settings button beside it. Now you should have a window open where you see a list box called “Included Pages…” where you just have to click on “Add…”. Here you have to add your domain name in the following format:*

The asterisk sign at the end is needed so that the script runs on all sub pages!

Last Words

You restored the 48 hours graph. The graph should now be visible again in the top WordPress bar if you are logged into your site. If you have the classic redirect script installed too, it should even redirect you to the classic stats page if you click on the graph. You might also want to take a look at the classic blog editor script if you haven’t already. I am glad if you want to thank me for this guide, but most of the applause should go to tPenguinLTG who wrote the 48h stats bar script and the scripts mentioned in my other WordPress usability guides.


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