Happy New Year

This year was pretty abstract, so let’s start with an abstract photo on my blog. Seriously, this time I didn’t expect that I could get any firework photos as stores were not allowed to sell them this year, thus I did just leave the camera at home. I visited my mother and since grandma and grandpa don’t live far away either, I said hello to them too. But then I went back to my mother and we ate something, talked and waited until the year was over. So, while her husband worked, she wasn’t alone. Even if stores couldn’t sell … Continue reading Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy new year. I just came home a half hour ago. I didn’t do much this year. I celebrated together with my mother, my cousin and her boyfriend. We did listen to music and talked a lot and watched the fireworks at midnight. I didn’t take any photos but found an abstract photo in my library that somehow fits to New Year’s Eve. I hope you had a nice time too. Happy New Year! Continue reading Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I always visit my family for an hour before the new year starts, but after that I usually visited friends. Well, this time it was very different. I did send my greetings to the friends, but I celebrated only with my family. Today, we all wanted to celebrate with my uncle who got a terrible brain tumor diagnosis some time ago. In December 2015 we actually didn’t know that this would be his diagnosis, but I moved to him at this time to help him with his health issues. Today it really felt strange that this is already a year … Continue reading Happy New Year!

I Wish You All A Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy and healthy start into the new year. I thought to write a small post tomorrow after I shot photos of fireworks, but I noticed I do only see fireworks once in an hour here in the sleepy nest where I temporary live now, in L├╝beck I would probably have a better chance to take pictures since I would see fireworks in the heaven every few seconds there. So, excuse me if I just present you a public domain image, I got the photo of this post from a nice site that you might like … Continue reading I Wish You All A Happy New Year