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I Wish You All A Happy New Year

Fireworks image from Pixabay

I wish you all a happy and healthy start into the new year. I thought to write a small post tomorrow after I shot photos of fireworks, but I noticed I do only see fireworks once in an hour here in the sleepy nest where I temporary live now, in Lübeck I would probably have a better chance to take pictures since I would see fireworks in the heaven every few seconds there. So, excuse me if I just present you a public domain image, I got the photo of this post from a nice site that you might like too as a blogger, it’s pixabay, you can get free images there for your posts. But now the greetings!

I wish you everything good for the new year, health, luck and simply a perfect time. I want to thank those who followed my blog in 2015, I want to thank those who have read my posts, who commented on my posts, or who shared my posts. I want to thank those who contribute to the internet with awesome stories, interesting photos and all kind of other content, and of course I am thankful for the friendships I could make with you. I have read a lot of interesting stuff this year, which means your awesome stories and photos kept me busy too, thank you!  But what is most important to me, I want you to stay healthy, to have an awesome new year. I wish you a good start in the new year!

See you next year!


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