Happy New Year

abstract paint

This year was pretty abstract, so let’s start with an abstract photo on my blog. Seriously, this time I didn’t expect that I could get any firework photos as stores were not allowed to sell them this year, thus I did just leave the camera at home. I visited my mother and since grandma and grandpa don’t live far away either, I said hello to them too. But then I went back to my mother and we ate something, talked and waited until the year was over. So, while her husband worked, she wasn’t alone.

Even if stores couldn’t sell fireworks this year, quite a few people seemed to have storage from the last year. Talking about the smell, the noise, the colors in the sky it wasn’t even close to how it would have been without the restrictions. We sat on the balcony and saw fireworks but as said, it was much less and we enjoyed that it was less. My question has always been, why should I blow my money into the sky? And my opinion has always been that it can’t be good for nature either when millions of people blow stuff into the air.

While it can be a beautiful spectacle, one that a photographer would take pictures of at some point too, fireworks have never been very important to me. I’ve only made exceptions in the past for little kids in the family, so, there have been years where I shot a few fireworks into the sky, just to make the kids happy. Anyway, I enjoyed sitting together with my mother until the start of the new year. It was calm and I went home early. I wish you guys a happy new year!

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