Happy New Year My Friends!

I want to wish you all a happy new year! I slept quite long today due to the long and loud party outside. I hope you had a great day too. I bet it was quite colourful too where you live.

I thought I upload some photos that my mother took while new years midnight fireworks. She also created a video that is sadly recorded upright, but it’s not too bad and shows some of the loud fireworks we saw. But I assume you are happy as I am that it is now more silent. Happy new year my friends! I wish you all the good for 2015!

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year My Friends!

  1. Happy New Year, Dennis!

    Are those fireworks just some personal ones? I mean, some people doing it in the wide area? Quite good. Unfortunately we can’t buy those firework sets any more here. I suppose it’s due to the safety reason. I used to enjoy own fireworks like that when I was little. Not big ones but holding and hanging from our hands. We also had big ones shooting to the sky like in your video.

    I hope you and all your family will have a very good year.

    1. Hello Sato, happy new year 🙂 Yes, anybody can buy these fireworks here and many do it. The fireworks are shot by all the neighbors in the district, personal fireworks. The whole city does shoot the fireworks in the air. I’d say it’s still very popular, however, some people tend to not buy them anymore, especially younger people think it’s like blowing money in the air lol. I for example didn’t buy fireworks, my friends didn’t too because we know there are enough fireworks anyway. I’d say it’s beautiful but I rather use the money for something else 🙂

      I really agree with the safety aspect, it’s sadly so that I also heard a lot of sirens of the police or fire deparment. When people are drunken, they tend to forget how dangerous fireworks can be. 😦 People are not that careful when they are drunken. But overall it seemed to be safe in my district, I heard the sirens from districts far away and then you know someone was not careful, it’s sad. Fireworks are very beautiful but people should not forget that they can also be very dangerous.

    1. Haha, no, I meant that I slept quite long the day after the new year party. I drunk a few glasses of whisky too much and had to sleep it out the day later.

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