Photos From Thuringia And Holungen

My mother and her husband drove to Holungen in Thuringia. The brother of her husband visited us in Schleswig Holstein over the holidays but they promised to drive him back to Thuringia after the holidays. My mother promised me that she would take some photos with her phone as Thuringia is quite beautiful too. I got the images now and want to put them in a gallery of this post here so that you can see them too. Hope you enjoy the photos.


2 thoughts on “Photos From Thuringia And Holungen

    1. Yea, it does look cold but we have a pretty moderate winter this year, but the winter is not over yet and it could become colder. But the fun fact is that they have a little bit snow in Thuringia as you see, while we don’t have snow in Schleswig Holstein near the Baltic Sea where I live. So, it might be a little bit colder in Thuringia. But even there it is not a real white winter as it could look much different with much more snow.

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