11 Miles Hike

We had a lot of rain over the last weeks, not the perfect weather to go out and to take photos, but the last two days were good. Yesterday, I checked the weather report online, because the previous day was already good, and it seemed it would be the perfect day for a hike. I was right, and I am glad I used the chance, because the weather will get worse again as it seems. I started my hike in the morning so that I could see the sunrise in the forest, and I heard the early birds chirping around … Continue reading 11 Miles Hike

Finally Some Snowy Days

We had snow last week, the first time, but only for one day. But yesterday it started to snow again, and I went outside for a walk. I did take several pictures but most of them are not too interesting, but it was fun anyway. I mentioned it often, I like clean and fresh air, I like it cold. I have been outside for three or four hours today. I saw a lot of people outside, I think nobody expected a winter, and now that there is snow, people seemed happy about it. On the subject of expecting, I still … Continue reading Finally Some Snowy Days

Forest Path

Going through a forest is something very relaxing. Hearing nothing else than the branches and the wood in the wind, hearing the crows and many other birds and animals, that is absolutely enjoyable. I shot the photo above early in the morning when I was wandering around a pond. The trail led me through a forest on the other side of the pond.  If you take the trails where I am right now, you get a mixed view of fields, waters and forests. I am surprised how many birds there are, especially many little ones, but I had no luck … Continue reading Forest Path

Photos From Thuringia And Holungen

My mother and her husband drove to Holungen in Thuringia. The brother of her husband visited us in Schleswig Holstein over the holidays but they promised to drive him back to Thuringia after the holidays. My mother promised me that she would take some photos with her phone as Thuringia is quite beautiful too. I got the images now and want to put them in a gallery of this post here so that you can see them too. Hope you enjoy the photos. Continue reading Photos From Thuringia And Holungen

German History,… Going Through The Forest With Friends,…

My friends and me live in Lübeck as I often wrote. Today was one of the hot summer days and it was so hot in my apartment. The apartment was totally warmed up and I thought it might be hot outside too but there will be more air than in my apartment. I called two friends by phone and asked if they would like to meet each other. One of my friends lives directly near the city and me too but the other friend lives more outside of Lübeck. Our city is in the most northern German federal state called … Continue reading German History,… Going Through The Forest With Friends,…