Farms And Fields

I still didn’t finish to upload all the photos that I shot during my time in Reinfeld, and I guess I will never finish it. But as mentioned often, I don’t want to forget these photos, they remind me of that time and I liked the place a lot. Also there are times where I don’t want to get out with my camera, it’s that time right now because I am in a lazy mood. This mood can however be used to upload previous photos. In this post you can see a photo that shows the typical landscape in Reinfeld. … Continue reading Farms And Fields

Black And White Landscape Photo

I wanted to share this photo even if it’s just a black and white landscape photo. However, liked it how the image composition turned out when I played with the cropping tool in Lightroom. It’s not a very special image, it’s just the composition that I like with the tree on the left side. Also the image shows the very typical North German landscape. Everything is flat here, and except for small bushes, rivers, the sea and small forests, we do have many fields in Schleswig Holstein. Continue reading Black And White Landscape Photo

Elbe–Lübeck Canal

I thought it would be time to upload a landscape photo again. In this post you can see the Elbe–Lübeck Canal. It connects the Elbe and the Trave River in Lübeck. Sometimes I like to hike there because you can spot cormorants there, and with a bit of luck it’s also possible to find grey herons or sea eagles in that area. I saw them a the canal too several times, but of course when I didn’t have my camera with me. But I could take photos of these birds somewhere else already, fortunately. But one thing is sure, the … Continue reading Elbe–Lübeck Canal

Talking With A Farmer

Today I was outside again, and I took the paths through the small forests, around the ponds, and over fields. Close to a farm (not the one in the photo) near a small forest, I watched over the fields and into the sky, because I was looking for bird of prey, and then a farmer greeted me and asked if I would look for birds. The farmer was very old and friendly, and I told him that I was looking for bird of prey, and he replied that this area is perfect if I want to find them, and he … Continue reading Talking With A Farmer

First Winter Hikes

As I mentioned, I moved temporary to take care of my uncle until he feels better, but that doesn’t mean that I have no free time, because his wife takes care too, and that means there is still enough time for myself. I know the village already, but I never checked the whole area and as someone who likes to hike, I thought it would be a good idea to do that. The place could be interesting in summer, there are lots of fields and farms, some smaller forests, and very small lakes. We have winter and everything should be … Continue reading First Winter Hikes