Farms And Fields


I still didn’t finish to upload all the photos that I shot during my time in Reinfeld, and I guess I will never finish it. But as mentioned often, I don’t want to forget these photos, they remind me of that time and I liked the place a lot. Also there are times where I don’t want to get out with my camera, it’s that time right now because I am in a lazy mood. This mood can however be used to upload previous photos. In this post you can see a photo that shows the typical landscape in Reinfeld. The place is pretty much about small forest areas, small ponds. But as shown in the photo, the place is also about small farms and fields.

2 thoughts on “Farms And Fields

  1. It’s the same with me. I don’t go out with my camera recently. I don’t know if the reason is laziness, but i am not in the mood and feel uninspired. I hope the desire to go out and the ideas are coming back soon. 😉

    1. Yeah, I think you describe it on a better way. I think laziness is indeed the wrong word. In my case it’s also more about feeling not inspired or just not being in the mood to go outside. As you saw with my other post, I forced myself to go out and visit the Christmas fair, that was a good decision. I am also a bit paranoid about fog and rain, I sometimes took photos under these conditions and nothing happened, but I also don’t want to test my gear out too often 😀 Talking about this, autumn and winter do offer less opportunities than summer and spring, of course.

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