Grumpy Herring Gull

I took this photo of a flying european herring gull, and I had to laugh a bit when I saw the photo on my PC screen, because the gull looks a bit grumpy. I like bird in flight photography but you always have to wait for a chance, that makes it difficult, and I do also wish that I could take more photos of less common birds in flight. If you liked the photo, check out my other bird photos. Continue reading Grumpy Herring Gull

Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage

Above you can see a gull, I had to research what kind of gull it is, but I believe it might be a black-headed gull. But the gull in my picture is not black-headed, that confused me when I researched, but it seems their plumage does change depending on the season and if they are breeding or non-breeding. So, if I am right with my research, the gull in my photo is a black-headed gull with winter plumage. You can find a couple of photos in a Wikipedia entry that shows the different plumage appearance. The site All About Birds … Continue reading Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage

European Herring Gull Enjoying The Rain

I shot the photo of the European herring gull yesterday when I drove to Travem√ľnde with a friend. As mentioned in a previous post, it became rainy as soon as we arrived. It was a little bit sad because I wanted to take photos. Some say that you can use the D7100 in rain and others said you can damage the camera on this way. I shot some photos but decided to put the camera back into the bag when the rain got heavier. I have no problems to use the camera in soft rain, but I do not want … Continue reading European Herring Gull Enjoying The Rain