Eurasian Blue Tit On A Tree

I thought I share a photo of the Eurasian Blue Tit bird again. I shot the winter sometime during the winter. I have no idea why I shot the photo at 1/2000 of a second, maybe because I was outside to take photos of flying birds? But even then the camera setting would have been too fast. I am unhappy with the camera settings that I saw in the metadata and I wish I would have used other settings. The photo is shot at 300mm and I cropped the image to get even closer. I like the composition that I … Continue reading Eurasian Blue Tit On A Tree

Female House Sparrow On The Gutter

We enjoyed our barbecue on the terrace some days ago when I noticed a sparrow on the gutter, and after researching I think that it was a female house sparrow. My camera was inside and I was sure the bird would fly away if I would stand up, but I did it anyway and I was right, the bird flew away. I hoped that the bird would come back and it happened. The bird was probably building a nest in the gutter or near the gutter. I was happy that I had a few more chances to take the photo … Continue reading Female House Sparrow On The Gutter

Eurasian Treecreeper Again

One day ago I uploaded a photo of an Eurasian treecreeper. I edited another photo today, and thought I upload one of these birds again. Without taking a look at the metadata of the image, I assume that I shot the photo the same day. I shot several photos of them in February, because I know where they hang around. I will upload more photos of Eurasian treecreepers in the future, once I have edited them a bit. Meanwhile you might be interested to take a look at my other bird photos, I am happy that my collection is growing. Continue reading Eurasian Treecreeper Again

Running Up A Tree

It seems I shot a photo of an Eurasian treecreeper, that’s at least what I found out during my research and when I compared the results with my photo. I saw this kind of bird quite often since I am in Reinfeld. I usually see them near the pond at the trees, and it almost looks like they run up trees. If my research is right, then it would fit, because the German name for the Eurasian treecreeper is “Waldbaumläufer”, which means something like “Forest Tree Runner”, literally translated. As said, they really run up trees, and I wouldn’t even … Continue reading Running Up A Tree

It Can Be Incredible Hard To Determine Birds

In Reinfeld where I am right now, there are quite a lot of little birds. I shot several photos of small ones, but sometimes it’s incredible hard to determine the birds. Take the photo in this post for example, it was a challenge to find the name, and I am not even sure about it yet. There are three very similar birds, the siskin, the serin and the yellowhammer buntin, all of them have some very similar features and colors. I think the bird in my photo might be a siskin, I say that because after researching I found out … Continue reading It Can Be Incredible Hard To Determine Birds

Little Cute Bird

I shot the photo of this little cute bird a while ago. This is a sparrow, although I was not sure if it’s a house sparrow or a tree sparrow, I had to research. This is the type of bird that doesn’t cross your path that often although there are many of them in Germany. But they are shy, so little and very well camouflaged, and therefore hard to spot. They are mostly in the trees and only on the lawn to search worms, but you usually don’t get close or they fly away back to the trees. Looks like … Continue reading Little Cute Bird