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It Can Be Incredible Hard To Determine Birds

little yellow green bird

In Reinfeld where I am right now, there are quite a lot of little birds. I shot several photos of small ones, but sometimes it’s incredible hard to determine the birds. Take the photo in this post for example, it was a challenge to find the name, and I am not even sure about it yet. There are three very similar birds, the siskin, the serin and the yellowhammer buntin, all of them have some very similar features and colors. I think the bird in my photo might be a siskin, I say that because after researching I found out that the males have a very prominent black stripe on the head. Maybe I shouldn’t make a science out of it, maybe I should just take the photos, but when you take photos, you are also often interested to learn more about your subjects, that is curiosity.


  1. Yes, dear Dennis, we are learning with camera, it is same for me too. But birds are the most difficult field, as you mentioned to decide which one is, not easy. I have just checked these three names, they are all similar… But beautiful photograph for this lovely bird. Thank you, love, nia

    • Yes, I have many more other bird photos where I don’t know what kind of birds they could be. It’s pretty difficult, especially because there are also differences of males and females. A female of a certain bird species can for example look like a male of another bird species… it’s so difficult. 🙂

  2. We have several gray, black and yellow birds here too and I am never sure which variety they are. It is hard to tell when there are so many similar species. The one you captured here is sure cute, whatever it is!

    • Yep Trisha, and there are so many factors… are they young or fully grown, male or female… several factors can make them look different, and can make them look like another bird species. Then some of them look different depending on the season or if they are breeding. Birds are a difficult subject 🙂

  3. Dennis I think that I already told you before to get in touch withe Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they can help to identify ANY bird. Wonderful website with webcams videos of wild birds even. They research and protect birds. Try it: – Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Cornell University, Ithaca NY. yr. bird photos are good.

    • That’s a good tip Vera. I know a German site too, and they like to answer emails about birds… but sometimes I just want to upload my images here and now, otherwise I would get even more “jam” in my folders… that’s why I often try my own research, or I upload the stuff with assumptions. Anyway, afterwards I will try to learn, because after I uploaded the images to my blog, I can even use them as a link when I ask in forums, or via email. So, your suggestion is still helpful, and yes, I remember you posted this once. Much appreciated! 🙂

  4. I’m a birder … and we ALL have trouble with the little yellow warblers. There are a slew of them. They are all about the same size, the same general patterns, and similar colors which sometimes overlap. There’s a section in my bird book titled “Similar looking little yellow birds” into which category these birds fit.

    • Yep, that counts for many little birds… I have some more new photos and I didn’t upload them yet because I still wanted to research the bird name. The new ones are as little bit not yellow, rather a mix of brown and grey…. it’s funny, I find a lot of them here, they all vary so much that even researching is very difficult. Often I nail it down to four or more species, but then it’s a lot of guessing. It can be quite difficult… If I am really curious, I have some official nature sites from the government where I could ask.

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