House Sparrow

Here is a photo of a house sparrow that I shot during a hike in Bad Schwartau, a town that is smaller and more rural. I found a lot of sparrows on my way, there are much more in rural areas. I did already take several pictures of sparrows in the past, but this time I am actually not that sure if the bird in the picture is a female or male sparrow. However, it’s definitely a sparrow, that’s enough to know to tag this photo correctly for my blog. I hope you liked this photo. Continue reading House Sparrow

Riesebusch Nature

Today I took my camera and decided to hike in Bad Schwartau, a town 5 km north or northwest of L├╝beck. There is a forest called Riesebusch and I wanted to hike there to take some new photos. Today I didn’t take a look at the weather report and it became quite windy and cloudy when I arrived. It was not the perfect weather to go hiking and to take photos. I had luck and it didn’t rain too early, but I was caught by the rain 10 minutes before I arrived at home and had to change clothes. I … Continue reading Riesebusch Nature

A Sparrow Searching For Prey

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the last weeks, but as I mentioned often, this is not really a problem because my backlog is still huge. In this post I want to show you a bird photo again, and I am sure it should be a sparrow. I assume it is a female house sparrow but now I go out on a limb, because I am not really an ornithology expert. It seems the bird searched for insects and found gnats. It could even be that the bird searched the prey to feed the own fledglings, because … Continue reading A Sparrow Searching For Prey

Ocean of Dandelion Seed Heads

When I was hiking in Reinfeld back then, I often found whole fields of dandelion seed heads, almost oceans of them. When the wind was blowing, you would see millions of seed heads flying in the air, it really looked magical, or like in a fairy tale. But I thought it must be horrible for an allergic person. It must look cool if you take a photo of a flying seed head with a macro lens, but that’s probably pretty difficult to do. I noticed that I didn’t upload a lot of flower photos this year, there have been years … Continue reading Ocean of Dandelion Seed Heads

Common Blackbird Picture

I did already upload several common blackbird photos to my blog, but here is another one. I really didn’t like the highlights in the background, which is why I partly reduced vibrance and highlights. I did also decrease saturation of the blue colour to make the heaven highlights in the background even less apparent. Then I used the adjustment brush to reduce the contrast, exposure and saturation on the tree branch to shift the focus away from it. For the bird I used another adjustment brush to brighten the plumage and to show a little bit of detail. As I … Continue reading Common Blackbird Picture

Schellbruch Undergrowth

Here is one photo that I shot last year when I hiked through the Schellbruch. The photo is not very special, but I liked the vegetation or the undergrowth there. You can find some parts of the area there where the vegetation doesn’t look typical German, that makes it interesting. Since I am still too busy for longer hikes, I was not there this year, but I plan to do this again. If you like, check out my previous nature photos. Continue reading Schellbruch Undergrowth