Ocean of Dandelion Seed Heads


When I was hiking in Reinfeld back then, I often found whole fields of dandelion seed heads, almost oceans of them. When the wind was blowing, you would see millions of seed heads flying in the air, it really looked magical, or like in a fairy tale. But I thought it must be horrible for an allergic person. It must look cool if you take a photo of a flying seed head with a macro lens, but that’s probably pretty difficult to do. I noticed that I didn’t upload a lot of flower photos this year, there have been years where I did this more often, especially with my old point and shoot camera.


2 thoughts on “Ocean of Dandelion Seed Heads

    1. I am not allergic but even I had to sneeze the one day when the air was white because of millions of seed heads in the air 😀 But it really looked cool. But some of my photos suffered from it that day… I shot some cool horse photos but at home I noticed that there are tons of white dots visible on the photo, it was the day when all the pollens were in the air. 😀

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