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Abandoned House


I am not sure why, but I like old things like abandoned houses. I converted the photo of this abandoned house to black and white, that’s how I liked the image more. I didn’t upload a lot of photos to my abandoned category, but I still have several photos of abandoned places in my library. Over time I will also fill this category of my blog with photos.


    • No Vanda, this one was shot in one of the outer districts of Lübeck, almost outside of Lübeck… it’s a normal city district with beautiful houses, but in the same district if you go further to the north, it gets more rural and there are some abandoned structures. If you leave the district there are just fields and your are outside of Lübeck. I assume this was an old house of a farmer family or something like that. To me it appeared as if some farmers would live in the outer area of the district, since it doesn’t take time from there to leave the city. The intact houses looked like typical farmer family houses, some did even have a storage, or tractors in front of the house. It’s a funny place, because with each step you see how things change and that you will soon leave the city. Apart from that, I like the parks there, they don’t do anything, it grows wild and some paths look like a jungle or as if the last person walked there 20 years ago. This photo of a path was shot in the same district:

      Not sure what happened there, maybe the time stays still there. It looks like the sleepy end of Lübeck, but there are definitely people who live there 🙂 Just one thing is sure, I’d agree with them, an overgrown path looks definitely more like nature than perfectly cut trees in a city park 😀

    • But by the way, the question is still great…. I shot so many photos in Reinfeld that I am still not done uploading them. From time to time there will be still Reinfeld photos, it’ll take me some time to edit them all. Over the last months I tried to re-adjust, to find the beauty in my city again… I’ve hiked a lot in and around Lübeck again, at least when I found the time (you know the bad stuff that is going on). In the future I will visit Reinfeld again too, maybe next summer for example when plants grow again… train does just take 10-20 minutes and the ticket just costs 3 Euro… a lot happened there, we talked about it, and I hope I won’t get bad feeling there if I visit the place again in the future. As you said to me once, I hope too that there will be no negative feelings when I go back there for a relaxing forest hike, or to see the beautiful pond again and all the fields, birds and animals. I still miss it, in the city it takes more than just 100 steps to find deer, sea eagles and so on. In Reinfeld I could visit the bakery and 10 minutes later I would find myself in a forest watching deer while drinking a cup of cocoa 😦

      • Reinfeld sounds a lovely place and it will be good if you can go there again. However, you are fortunate to live in an attractive old city like Lubeck and still be able to find places like that abandoned farmhouse and nature trails that you can easily get to. I think the country has got into your soul though. 🙂

        • Yes, we have some interesting things here, it’s just that the type of photography can change if you hike inside the the city or outside of the city. That included what type of lens you want to use, and what type of lenses are on your wishlist can change too (laugh). Also you are right, I definitely liked the country experience and it got into my soul 🙂

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