11 Miles Hike

We had a lot of rain over the last weeks, not the perfect weather to go out and to take photos, but the last two days were good. Yesterday, I checked the weather report online, because the previous day was already good, and it seemed it would be the perfect day for a hike. I was right, and I am glad I used the chance, because the weather will get worse again as it seems. I started my hike in the morning so that I could see the sunrise in the forest, and I heard the early birds chirping around … Continue reading 11 Miles Hike

Wild Life: I Found Deer

Today I found deer. I was walking along the highway and thought it was rather boring to see all the field and shrubberies on the side. But then in the distance on the field, I saw something, I did set my lens to 300mm because it could just be deer and I didn’t want to miss this chance. I took several photos, just to be sure that I have enough to choose from. The deer was still pretty far away, too far away for 300mm, but I cropped the photo with Lightroom, with quality loss, just to get closer, but … Continue reading Wild Life: I Found Deer

Minimalist Field Photo

As I mentioned in earlier posts, here in Reinfeld there are lots of fields and some farms, and by the way, the German word “feld” translates to “field” in English. I shot the photo above during one of my hikes, but I did edit the photo a little bit afterwards. The heaven was too bright, and that has to do with the fact that I recently started to try the manual modes of my camera, which means I often use the wrong settings, but that is practicing, and sometimes I can change things afterwards with Lightroom or Photoshop, and that’s … Continue reading Minimalist Field Photo

Just A Common Blackbird, But Anyway…

The recent weekly photo challenge is about (Extra)ordinary things, and it took me a while to decide what kind of photo I would use for the challenge, mainly because I have all kind of photos that would fit. I eventually decided to use a photo of a common blackbird, because this summer I was pretty much into bird photography. How do I interpret the challenge or why did I choose a bird photo? I’d say certain birds are ordinary creatures, here in Germany it won’t take you much time to spot a common blackbird for example, at least in the … Continue reading Just A Common Blackbird, But Anyway…

14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

We have a natural reserve outside of Lübeck that is called Schellbruch. There are brakish water lagoons, bodies of freshwater, forest areas, mires and meadows. The trave river flows there to the east in the direction of the not too far away baltic sea. A beautiful place! Not only the geological variety makes the area special, there is also biological variety. There are many rare plants and it’s a paradise for birds. There are over 200 different bird species counted and it’s said that 90 have already bred. It explains why it’s worthy of protection. The Schellbruch is a protected … Continue reading 14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch