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Tag: Photography

Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster

My Stratocaster

I just found this photo in my library and while I already uploaded photos of that guitar in the past, it would be a waste to delete additional photos I […]


A Nighthawk And A Cat Photo

Currently, I make use of an alternative sleep pattern. It’s intentional at the moment and I am alternating between sleep and duties or tasks to have a bit of power […]

tabby cat in the garden

Where To Go

Here is one of those cats I spotted a while ago in one of the garden areas. The photo was shot in the moment when the cat wanted to flee.

beautiful flowers

Beautiful Flowers

I am not sure how these flowers are called, but I know they are beautiful. Edit: I just found out these are African daisies, also known as Osteospermum white or […]