War-torn Memory Module And Chatter About PC Upgrades

Yesterday I took one of my dusty and war-torn RAM sticks out of my PC system. I knew I would have Corsair RAM in the system, and I was pretty sure that it would be 1600 Mhz RAM but I wanted to know what type of latency the RAM would have, and the exact manufacturer’s designation. I laughed when I pulled one stick out of the system, because I realized that it would be quite difficult to put the stick back in. Mainly, because a large system fan was very close to the slot. And the CPU cooler takes a … Continue reading War-torn Memory Module And Chatter About PC Upgrades

Old Weapon

The photo above shows my old Medion 14.0 MP digital camera. I think my very first images on this blog were all taken with a phone camera but that was at a time when the cameras in phones were still not that good. So, to get a bit better photos I purchased the Medion camera back then and I think I shot quite a lot of photos with it over time. You could say this thing started my love with photography, and at some point I demanded a bit more and then I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Nikon … Continue reading Old Weapon