Swan Photo

Not sure when and where I shot the photo above, but I like it and wanted to upload it to my swan category. I think the water in the background is a bit distracting, sometimes water looks good in photos and sometimes not, and I think it depends on the daylight. It could also be about the angle, there is too much water visible in the photo, I think the photo would look better with a horizon (at eye level), for example with plants in the background and a bokeh. Anyway, the swan is still visible and I think the … Continue reading Swan Photo

Swan Landing

Here is a scene that I really like, I saw this swan landing in the water yesterday. However, I am sad that the white plumage is so overexposed, and I was so far away that I had to crop too much and image quality suffered a lot. But anyway, I like the scene, the landing of the swan, and the water splash. I find it still very difficult to take photos of flying birds, my results are not always good, but I will get more experience over time I think. I had the camera in program mode when the swan … Continue reading Swan Landing

Beautiful Swan

Last week I decided to grab my camera and went outside to see if I can take some new photos. I didn’t want to walk miles and decided to walk to one of the ponds in our parks. I noticed right away that it’s a little bit more difficult to take decent photos in autumn, especially when it’s so cloudy, but I went back home with some good bird photos. I saw some swans and shot several photos, you can see one of them in this post. Continue reading Beautiful Swan

White Swan With Fledglings

I saw this white swan with the fledglings at the Schellbruch. There were two of them and I think it was the parental couple of the fledglings. The swan that protected the fledglings hissed quite loud and expanded the wings to appear dangerous. You probably know it, it’s not harmless to enter their territory, that’s what people say and I think they are right. I was pretty careful and didn’t show any fast reactions and the swan eventually noticed that I am not a threat and calmed down. There was a footbridge near the swan that you need to use … Continue reading White Swan With Fledglings

Dont bite my Hand

Photo created in autumn 2012. We visited Travem├╝nde near L├╝beck at that time. It is a place on the Baltic Sea. As you can see, there are many people who enjoy the fresh air on the sea. There is always activity nevermind what kind of season. The husband of my mother wanted to feed the beautiful swans but it looked funny because they couldn┬┤t get enough and bitten in his hand. Continue reading Dont bite my Hand