Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Bad Oldesloe yesterday to take some photos and to enjoy my day. I thought I show you some of my photos. As I mentioned as well, the Trave River is flowing there too, and as you see in the image above, they have some beautiful footbridges there, and beautiful buildings. Here are three more pictures, I will upload more over time… Continue reading Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather

Some weeks ago I thought spring weather would start, but then we had again several days in a row with really bad weather. Today was different, I woke up early in the morning with no tasks, I looked out of the window and I saw already a blue heaven and sunshine at 9am. I didn’t think a lot, I just started to pack my camera bag. Spontaneously, I got the idea to do a trip to Bad Oldesloe. I’ve never seen a lot of this town, I’ve been there, but only one time, it was the time when I was … Continue reading Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather

Harbor Area In Lübeck

Fun fact, I have 5200 images that I didn’t upload yet, because taking photos is much easier than preparing or uploading them. At times I should upload older ones. Above you can see a photo I shot in Lübeck near the harbor area. You can see the Trave River in the photo. This is one of the photos where I wondered how it would turn out, I shot the photo after I got my D7100. I believe I was drawn to the colours in the heaven and the reflections in the water. The photo was shot in the morning, during … Continue reading Harbor Area In Lübeck

A Trave River Harbor Installation And The History Behind It

I shot the photo above one month ago when I wandered through Lübeck. The photo in this post is shot near the inner-city, the side where I shot the photo from is the historic district of Lübeck, but in this photo you can only see the old harbor installation on the other side of the district, in the middle is the Trave River. We call the area on the other side Wallhalbinsel, which means something like “Wall-Peninsula”. To explain this, what you see on the photo is a peninsula, it’s an artificial island, here is how the peninsula looks like … Continue reading A Trave River Harbor Installation And The History Behind It

Yet Another Trave River Photo

I guess there are several Trave river photos on my blog. Here is a new one that I shot weeks ago. Yes, the weather is still bad here, which means I can only revert to photos that I shot a while ago and that I didn’t upload yet. I like to wander near the Trave river in Lübeck, many people do, it’s understandable because it’s a place where people go walking or do sports if they don’t want to hear the noise of the streets. The river is long and the area is rich in variety. It’s a place where … Continue reading Yet Another Trave River Photo