Daily Prompt: Learning Style

The Daily Prompt asks about the learning style. This is an interesting topic anyhow. Different people have different and favorite learning methods. I was always one of those people who can easily learn on a visual way. Theory is something that was always difficult to me. I can remember to many situations when I was younger, where a teacher couldn´t stop talking about a subject while I just thought “Hey mate, it would be great if we actually could see it in practice, to understand what you are talking about”. So visual and practical learning is my prefered method. You … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Learning Style

Introducing Related Posts

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:
Do you ever wonder what happens when your readers reach the end of your posts? What do they click on? Where do they go next? What if you’ve piqued a reader’s interest and left them wanting more, but don’t give them the option to do so? Today, we’re so happy to announce Related Posts on WordPress.com — one of the most requested features from users. Now, we’ll search your site for similar posts you’ve written and display a “Related” section at the end of every post, like this: Related Posts section If you post… Continue reading Introducing Related Posts

Import and Export a bunch of specific Articles from one WordPress Blog to the other…

I still have a few other older blogs and last days I decided to export some good articles over to my main blog here. Mainly because the other blogs did not do well anymore anyway. And because there were a few articles which didn´t fit to the niches of the other blogs. But as I mentioned, the blog here is much broader so that many topics fit. And well, at least it is anyway my main blog where I want to have my greatest content. But I had a bit of a problem. Exporting content of the own WordPress blog … Continue reading Import and Export a bunch of specific Articles from one WordPress Blog to the other…

Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?

The WordAds blog did write about niche and broad blogs and they say that both variants can work when we talk about blog traffic, readers and so. They do come to the conclusion “Ultimately, you should write about what you want to write about.” and I think that is so true as simple as it sounds. My regular readers know that my blog is not a niche blog and that my blog (which I really called my diary) is broader and about various subjects in my interest. I noticed that my traffic comes mainly from search engines and fewer by … Continue reading Writing in a Niche or Broad Blog?