How To Use Your Mobile Device As Remote Control For YouTube On PC

Introduction I found something very interesting out yesterday and need to share this as it is quite cool. In this article you will learn how to remotely control YouTube on your PC with a smartphone or any other mobile device. And this is much more easy than you might think! I will explain it in detail but if you don’t want to read too much then head to the “too long to read summary” at the end of the article. I can’t tell you how much I love to browse and watch videos on YouTube because you can find so … Continue reading How To Use Your Mobile Device As Remote Control For YouTube On PC

Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

I´m user on Reddit because I like the way how this social media site works. Users submit content and it can be up or down voted which means only the most popular content or news are shown on top. Often you find interesting things there when you subscribed to your favorite subjects. Someone uploaded a video on YouTube and it has been shared on Reddit. It´s about a Bumblebee that is trapped in a spiderweb and the spider is not far away. Another bumblebee is approaching to the situation to rescue and defend the species member. But take a look … Continue reading Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Kotaku posted something that got my attention. They shared a video from YouTube where cats play a game called Fruit Ninja on tablets. It is basically a game where you can slice fruits. Agree, that does sound boring but for cats it must be a lot of fun. That´s at least how it looks like… (Edit: I added another interesting video to my post as the old one disappeared) I know there are even mobile games or let me say tablet games, that are specifically developed for cats. Fruit Ninja is not one of these games but I saw other … Continue reading Cats Love Mobile Games Too

The annoying Feather Toy

I sometimes really like to annoy my cat Shyna as you can see in the video above. I found this video in one of my folders and that brings me straight to the point: I still have tons of video and photo material in my folders. I really should push out a lot of the material and upload it to my blog. There are still photos of all seasons and a lot of videos. The blog here is also meant to be a place where I upload good memories and all my experiences. So that I someday can look back. … Continue reading The annoying Feather Toy

Daily Prompt: Earworm

I just listening to the Cat Fish Blues (Jimi Hendrix Version) but covered by Steve Webb & EXP, which seems to be a Hendrix Tribute Band. I must say that Steve has captured that killer Hendrix live sound like no other person. If it would be a mp3 and not a video, I would have thought it is Jimi Hendrix. No joke. The version above is simply fantastic like all other Steve Webb & EXP covers I found on YouTube. If you love that special Hendrix killing guitar sound and those great licks, you should check out these guys. In … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Earworm