Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

I´m user on Reddit because I like the way how this social media site works. Users submit content and it can be up or down voted which means only the most popular content or news are shown on top. Often you find interesting things there when you subscribed to your favorite subjects. Someone uploaded a video on YouTube and it has been shared on Reddit. It´s about a Bumblebee that is trapped in a spiderweb and the spider is not far away. Another bumblebee is approaching to the situation to rescue and defend the species member. But take a look on your own…

I really like this video and it seemed to be coincidence but there is a big discussion on Reddit if bumblebees have a similar pheromones than honey bees. The honey bees release Isoamyl acetate after they stung and it serves as a pheromone beacon to provoke and satisfy other bees to be aggressive and to sting the enemy too. But that is talking about the honey bees but people wonder if bumblebee´s work together on a similar way too and some ask if the situation in the video could be just coincidence. This is an interesting subject and the video is quite cool while it is also a brutal life lesson as the publisher of the video states right. It is brutal but that is how our nature is too apart from all the beauty.

5 thoughts on “Bumblebee Trapped In A Spiderweb But…

  1. Bumblebees are the pollinators of choice for tomatoes… without them, no tomatoes. I did not watch the video (I had great golden spiders in my Calif. garden, so I know their ways) but I understand that in some way or another all insects and in fact all animals use pheromones for communication. Even humans…

    1. Yes, about humans, it´s astonishing anyhow. I saw this documentary where scientists states that “falling in love” works partly through pheromone processes too. They mentioned that we have in some extent less control about the partner choice, than we would believe. They said a lot is working with smells and our brain might make some choices before our mind will do. They stated smells could be at least one factor. This is an interesting view point.

      1. Yes very interesting. There are even perfumes that are supposed to contain human pheromones, but I am skeptical about it …
        Nature does it best.
        I have always been very sensitive to smells – odors – perfumes and that has not diminished with age.

      2. I´m also skeptical about the perfumes. But the natural pheromone story made sense to me. I´m not quite sure if we will ever copy the nature here and if so it would be somewhat scary. 😀

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