Abandoned Dog found a new Family…

This is the new Dog of my Uncle. I mentioned they have already one Dog. But my Uncle knows a Police Men and the Police found the Dog on the Photo above abandoned on a Street. The Dog came in the Animal Shelter but the Police Men told my Uncle about the Dog. My Uncle drove to the Animal Shelter and got the Dog. She has a new Home now! 🙂

But the Question still remains. How can somebody abandon such a cute or any other Creature on the Streets and that on the cold Days and Nights of the October? I am just happy that the Dog found a new Home and Family with my Uncle, Aunt, their Childs and the other Dog. They now have two Dogs.

By the way… I met the new Dog already and even if she experienced that other Humans did abandon her on the Streets. She is still so friendly, playful and in love with Life. She will now have a better Life in my Uncles Family. Maybe she knows.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Dog found a new Family…

    1. Yes that is so true. I can remember to a tv documentation about that topic. Some dogs still can give love even if they didn´t get love in the past. We humans are mostly differend at that point if we experienced something bad. Some of us cant give love anymore then for a time.

      I mean its cool if the dog found a better home now and still can give love. If the dog is not completely confused due to the experience. But on the other side its sometimes sad if you see dogs in tv which still give love unconditionally even if the owner abusing them. That is a very extreme loyalty I cant understand.

      But if you see an abused dog which is still happy it might be a sign like “get me out of here, i am very friendly and want to be your friend” too. However..

      I am just happy that the dog above found new and favorable better friends with my uncle and aunt. 🙂

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