I love Mushroom Pan


This is a Mushroom Pan and I took the Photo when I visited my Mother and her Husband in December. I think I mentioned already that the Husband of my Mother is a great Cook. I sometimes said he should open his own Restaurant. Really.

But you know how it is… Without Capital, those Ideas are just dreaming. But I still think People would love his Food. I do! About the Photo here… This is a nice Mushroom Pan we did eat in the Evening of a December Day. It´s cool to eat all the Mushrooms and Onions with Bread. I simply love Mushroom Pan with Onions and Bread.

By the way. I heard that Mushrooms are hard to digest in the Evening. I dont really have these Problems. I just mention it, as I heard some People cant eat Mushroom in the Evening because they might get Stomachache then. I never experienced that.

2 thoughts on “I love Mushroom Pan

    1. I never heard about cheese stuffed mushrooms but it sounds very tasty. I should ask the husband of my mother if he can cook this too. I love cheese. In the pan on the photo are just mushrooms and onions. I hope I can try out cheese stuffed mushrooms soon 🙂 Thanks for the comment Niki.

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