My Mom´s Yorkshire Terrier…


This is the Yorkshire Terrier of my mother and her husband. Their dog is called Billy. And Billy is really a friendly but calm guy. But Billy is already pretty old and in the age where he gets already a few problems. We do think his eyesight ceases more and more but he is not blind yet. We had already a dog before and she was called “Corry”… but she is now in dog heaven since many many years. Billy is still here but was pretty sad when Corry disappeared. We all were.

Over ten years ago I did live with my mother, her husband and both dogs. But after Corry disapeared, I moved out to my first own apartment. Billy again couldn´t understand. But soon he did understand that I am not away for ever, that I still visit them very often since I just live some hundreds meters away. Billy is always happy if I visit them. He is still my good friend.

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