EA Origin Store… Many Games 70% OFF

Just for the gamers under you. It looks like EA is offering games 70% OFF in the Origin store until August 27. It´s worth to take a look. It´s interesting to see that EA is trying out a different strategy with the store. Many gamers did complain about EA´s pricing policy in the past and I do think the complaining was rightly.

However, maybe EA is trying to seek friendship with the gamers as they start to offer time by time bargains now and they are indeed fantastic. Maybe EA wants to increase the reputation. Just for your information. They have many big games price reduced at the moment. Stuff like Sims, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Crysis and so on. I do not want to list every game. They really offer a lot price reduced now. Really some good bargains. Just take a look and open Origin and look at the 70% OFF banner and click it, as you will find all the price reduced games there.

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