Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Cat balancing on a chairback

With the photo above I want to participate to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected. This is a shot with my smartphone and the quality is not great as the lighting conditions were bad. But it was still one of the moments when my cat gets funny. That is usually the moment when my cat starts to show some unexpected talents. This is why I think that the image does fit to the challenge even with bad quality of the photo.

On the photo you can see a chair with a broken seat. The photo was taken before I wanted to trash the chair. But then I saw my cat balancing on the slippery rods of the chairback. And that she showed this talent, that was really unexpected!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    1. I had to laugh about her too 🙂 She´s ingenious if she is bored. But I don´t like to see her doing such things often. She could easily skid down and hurt her legs. The damaged chair came to the trash but I have another same chair here and she is still doing this sometimes. Then I rail against her as I don´t like to see this. I have another chair with fabric back chair and there she is allowed to do this as she can´t hurt there. 😀

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