Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC released for Premium Owners

Premium owner of Battlefield 4 have now early access to the China Rising DLC. If you preordered Battlefield 4, you will get China Rising for free but you won´t get access to the DLC until December 15. But then on this date you will be able to play Battlefield 4 China Rising as well unless Battlefield 4 will be still unplayable due to all the current issues and bugs.

DICE has released several patches for Battlefield 4 but many players report that the game is still unplayable. EA the company with very bad reputation and the publisher of Battlefield 4, forced DICE to release the game too early. Many players report that the game is still broken. Apart from crashes, disconnects and netcode lags, there are still many other issues which have not been adressed yet. A lot of people report that the netcode issues got worse after the latest patches.

That´s why the question must be asked… Can players expect to have fun with the China Rising DLC if the main game is still broken? I think not. EA`s reputation reached a new low point. While EA is known for dealing bad with the own customers, they now reached a new level. There is a real “shitstorm” broken out about EA in the internet. EA has to take flak on all major web platforms at the moment. Customers of EA are understandably pretty angry at the moment.

So, let´s see when the game will be playable.

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