Battlefield 4 Dec 3 Update out…

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new update for Battlefield 4 on Dec 3. A DICE moderator states that some issues have been addressed and solved.

Here are the patch notes…

-Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
-Fixed the audio bug where audio sometimes randomly dropped out while playing on certain multiplayer maps (typically Golmud Railway and Hainan Resort)
-Fixed the “one-hit kill bug” where occasionally damage from a single bullet was applied multiple times
-Fixed a common crash that would occur when exiting from the Single Player Campaign to Main Menu
-Tweaked the network and computer performance screen to show proper values. Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience

It´s indeed questionable if the problems are really solved. DICE stated in their last patch notes that several issues have been addressed while many players still reported about occurring major issues and many other minor issues. I would be very doubtful about Battlefield 4 patch notes at the moment. At the moment many players think that DICE is again under EA pressure to tell the people that many issues have been fixed. But a lot of players could´t see that the latest patch notes were true. The major issues still occurred, same for many minor issues.

Time will tell if the mentioned patch notes here are trustworthy.

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