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Potatoes, Spinach, Mushrooms and Meat…

Spinach, Potatoes, Mushrooms and Meat

I realized that it is some time ago with food images on my blog. So here I want to show you something pretty tasty again… On the image you can see delicious potatoes with spinach, mushrooms, sauce and meat. The husband of my mother did cook it and I mentioned often that he is pretty good in cooking.


  1. First time visitor here found my way here reading your BF4 article. I think the word you were looking for in the end was “cooking” not “cocking”, which would be a sexual comment. Got a good laugh though. I’m sure then NSA had a laugh reading it as well. Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks for telling me. I had to laugh about my mistake now too. 😀 Now that you told me, I corrected the misspelling. Have a great time too please. 🙂

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