Official BF4 Issues Tracker Created by DICE

DICE created a thread in the official forums where they track the status on several BF4 issues. They call it Top Issues Tracker. They state that many players have already fun with the game but they also say that they are aware of the fact that some players still have trouble with the game.

They list several problems in the thread and there are three statuses…

INVESTIGATING means they are aware of the issue and trying to reproduce the problem.

FIXING means that they were able to reproduce the issue and that they are working on a fix.

FIX LIVE means that the issue is already corrected with any of the latest updates.

For each issue status, they also mention which platform is affected of the problem. To be up to date, you might want to check out the link to the issues tracker in the official forums.

8 thoughts on “Official BF4 Issues Tracker Created by DICE

  1. Still not fixed. I still get frozen out of all dawnbreaker games regardless of game type and all obliteration games freeze regardless of map. After 3 updates I’m still disappointed.

    1. I check out most of the major forums and places about things that interest me. I often notice pretty early when there are news about one of the topics I am interested in. In this case here for example I check out the game forum regulary 😀

  2. Having probs with getting in a vehicle then it takes me all the way to my home screen also having to unlock the ucav the way it is now is so frustrating iv been trying sense it came out an still no luck because I suck at flying jets fix this plz

    1. If you have still problems with crashed, then you should mention it in the forum. But about your other point… Why should they fix the way to unlock something just because you suck at flying jets? If you want to unlock it, then practice flying jets.

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