Daily Prompt: Progress

The Daily Prompt asks “When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?” and my answer is…

I would like to see that there is an article published on my blog. If there is one article published on January 2, 2015 or any other days around this date, then it would mean I am still alive at this time and that would be a circumstance I would like. But apart from that, I hope that I generally still write on my blog, because I like it at the moment.

If I am talking about the future articles of 2015, I hope that my english improved a lot on January 2, 2015. Lately, I was criticized several times for some mistakes. I like criticism but I do not like badmouthing, I mean very unfriendly critique. I also saw this in my comment section of some articles. I fixed my english mistakes but I was a little bit sad that the person who told me about the mistakes was so unfriendly. That´s a moment when I sometimes think if I should not go back and start a german blog. But as said, there are also those who tell me about my mistakes in a friendly manner and that helps a lot and that is even motivating! Maybe that´s why I gave not up yet?

So, I would really like if I improve my english so much that people would have a hard time to find out that I am actually not a native english speaker. I think I made some great steps when I compare my 2011 articles with the articles of 2013. I want to try to improve my english in 2014 as well and criticism in a friendly manner is very welcome.

That is all what I wish to see on my blog in 2015. I want to be still alive and I want to see that my english has improved.

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Progress

  1. If you keep on writing, your English will improve. I find your writing good! Next time someone bashes down on you, just ask them to write it in German – that is hard!
    Good luck with your goals for 2014 🙂

    1. Hehe, yes that would be a nice counterattack. I think criticism can only help but if it´s bashin, I really should either ignore it or if I am in a funny mood, bashing back like you said 🙂

      You comment made me laugh. Good luck to you too in 2014.

      1. I never really got why it can’t be constructive criticism in a friendly and nice way.

        It kind of makes me happy I’m not a celebrity, no matter what they do – someone has something to say about it.

        Die besten Wünsche für 2014 (If this is wrong, my mother-in-law will probably smack me over the head! Don’t tell her 😉 )

        1. Pretty much agree with you. Word would have another meaning and would be much more effective if they are spoken out friendly. 🙂 Agree, as a celebrity you would experience it everyday.

          Auch dir die besten Wünsche für 2014. Your sentence was perfect. Very well! You mother-in-law would be proud 🙂

        2. Oh great! I usually is the dumb one at the end of the table when some of her family comes to visit. They speak German and no English, I speak Norwegian & English. The 2 years I had in school with German is not helping me much other than the fact that I can sing in German (and thats not pretty!), count to 15 and say my name and age or something.

  2. Just keep on writing, your English improves during writing. I know it myself, I’m your neighbour (the Netherlands) and because I’m still on school, I could see my grammar notes improving the more I wrote. Und auch für dich: die besten Wünsche!

    1. Right. Blogging in a different language is pretty much learning by doing but on a fun way. I agree, I think we should just keep on writing.

      And greetings to the Netherlands! I have visited the Netherlands once and I also saw the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I liked all those canals near the restaurants there. Great to sit there in a restaurant. Pretty much enjoyed it! Reminds me that I should search some of the old Amsterdam photos to scan and publish them here. But I also saw other great smaller places of the Netherlands. I like your country.

      Ich wünsche auch dir ein super tolles Jahr 2014! 🙂

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