Whoa! You Can Drink A Beer In One Go? Who Cares?

You maybe heard about viral success of internet content. It´s the content that gets created and shared by individuals with help of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on for example. Viral success does mean that a particular type of content gets popular or in other words shared and liked much.

There is lately a new trend on Facebook here in Germany, it´s like a competition, people record themselves while they drink a bottle or glass of beer in one go and then they nominate several of their friends to do it too. If you didn´t know it already, now you understand the word viral, the idea spreads because people nominate their friends who then jump on the bandwagon and record themselves too. Now image how far this can spread through the Facebook network, it basically started with one video, but there were enough people who liked it and the idea went viral.

German BeerWhile I usually think that viral content and the whole subject about it can be very fascinating, I do think that it can  sometimes go too far. that is my feeling about the beer competition. I mean who cares that someone can drink a beer in one go? And secondly, is drinking alcohol already socially so accepted that people don´t even bother to share videos of themselves while drinking a beer without thinking about the fact that there are not only adults registered on Facebook? This is in my opinion very alarming.

I have nothing against a beer, well, I am German and I do enjoy to drink a beer sometimes but I would never get the idea to share a video of myself drinking a beer in one go. What is so cool about this idea? As a German (yes we really enjoy our beer), I would say that it is not too difficult to drink a beer in one go as anybody did that at least once in his/her life I guess.

But anyhow I do think that it is embarrassing if people go so far that they even do share these beer drinking videos on social networks. And as said, my strongest argument here is that there are not only adults on Facebook and are the people really interested to promote alcohol to everyone? I think the alcohol industry will applaud those people. It´s alarmin and stupid, and those who participate, they aren’t even afraid that their colleagues or boss could find the movie, I mean we talk about Facebook here and it isn´t unusual that people have their colleagues in their friend list.

I must say this is the most stupid Facebook viral trend I have seen so far. It´s embarrassing that people think that it is cool.

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