In Case You Missed Her, Here Is A Photo

Shyna Looks Crazy

December was the last time I uploaded a photo of my cat Shyna. It’s time for a new one. It’s winter and the lighting conditions are not that good as it is mostly dark and if not that, then at least very cloudy. I prefer to take photos with natural sunlight near the windows because you can get great results on this way even with a cheap camera. But now it’s even near the windows often too dark for great shots. So, this photo is not a new one, it’s rather one of the photos I never uploaded. I edited the photo a little bit with Photoshop.

There are still some issues, the photo is too dark too, there are quite big and heavy highlights on her fur but overall it’s ok and fancy. I do in fact love the photo, I dislike the quality but she has this insane facial expression there and that makes the photo very funny in my opinion. I am always amused and like it if animals show a different mien. It’s funny.

10 thoughts on “In Case You Missed Her, Here Is A Photo

  1. You should try photography black cats in natural light inside…! My standards for “acceptable quality” definitely are less than when I had a ginger tabby to photograph. Anyway, I like this one of Shyna, and for the same reason you do. What a cute expression!

    1. Haha, yes that is a good point. I think it would be nearly impossible to take photos of a black cat in my apartment. The main problem here is that all windows are on one side due to the fact that I live in a middle apartment where there is the stairwell on the other side. So, with light from only one direction it is often very difficult anyway unless you are close to the windows on the other side. But I think it’s more about the cute expressions anyway and image quality is not all. Cat photos are cool in general, so I agree, we shouldn’t go over board with quality demands 🙂 The cats are the subjects that make the images great 🙂

  2. I always had a lot of trouble taking photos of the black cat we used to have. I only have a couple of half decent ones of him but he did have lovely eyes. Better a mediocre photo than none at all though. Shyna looks a bit disapproving. Did you disturb her?

    1. I can imagine that. With black cats you need even more light and especially bright backgrounds. It’s not that easy and I often notice it with the black fur parts of Shyna.

      When I remember right, I did waggle with one of her toys over her head and tried to shoot as many photos as possible to get a funny one. I realized cats look mostly funny or insane if they are focusing their eyes on something that is moving fast. 🙂 I have some other photos of this set that are brigher and I will upload them too. They look very good and I won’t even need to edit them. But this photo here was the most funny one of this set 😀

      1. I know the cats of friends do often show their tummy because they like to lay on their back but Shyna does not do this very often. But I saw it a few times and I will take my camera if I see it again and maybe I can contribute then 🙂

    1. The last time it was 4 kilos when a vet checked it out, but that is over a year ago. But it probably didn’t change much as she still looks the same.

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