How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

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The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

Attention! Since WordPress is constantly making changes, I might already have written new workarounds. So, I created a page where you find the most recent WordPress workarounds. So, check if there are any updates or new posts before you continue reading!

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out too that they don’t care what users think.

Happiness Engineer at WordPress: I just confirmed with our team that there aren’t plans to bring that “edit in classic mode” link back to the newer editor. Given that, I’d definitely recommend bookmarking the classic editor in your browser so you can quickly open it to write new posts there.

Hence, the community has to create own solutions and I am lucky to announce that there are solutions to get rid of the new editor. In this post you will find the solution to basically restore the classic editor and I strongly suggest that you reblog this post as quite a lot of people might not be aware of the solution, people who maybe otherwise would stop to blog because the new editor is such a pain to work with.

Before we start, what you will do now is no rocket science, the steps are very easy! Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t take time, and it is absolutely not difficult!
All we need is a browser extension that can load user scripts. With this browser extension we will load a script that a fellow in our WordPress community created.

This script will then force a redirect to the good old classic editor whenever the new downgraded editor tries to appear. As said, if you have no idea, this sounds more difficult than it is. We have to thank the Penguin for this magic and wonderful redirect script! But now lets start to get rid of the new editor permanently…


1. We need to know what kind of web browser we use. You probably installed your favorite browser on your own so that you know what you use. If you are not sure, then check out this site that will tell you what kind of browser you do use.

2. Now we need a browser extension for our browser that can load user scripts. We pick one extension from this list that is compatible with our browser and install the extension. Read on and you will find my suggested extension for each browser.

Small side note: I can’t stress this enough, and I do evangelize and suggest family members and friends the same. If you don’t use them yet, do either install the Mozilla Firefox browser or the Google Chrome browser. Both browsers are superior over all others in any case, especially more flexible. I strongly suggest to use one of them for your daily web browsing instead of any other browser.

So, here is how you install the extension we need for our particular browser…

For Mozilla Firefox users:

Greasemonkey is a very well-known extension that can load scripts. Just open the Greasemonkey extension page and click on the green “Add to Firefox” button and install the extension.

For Google Chrome and Opera users:

Tampermonkey is a suggested extension that can load scripts. Just open the Tampermonkey extansion page and click on the blue button to add the extension.

For all other browser:

The extension installation might be more of a pain, as same as the script installation. But for Internet Explorer you can use TrixIE, and for Safari you can use the NinjaKit extension. You probably need to download the extension and put them in the right folder, as same as the scripts. I really don’t know how it works there. But again, I highly suggest to install and use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, because they are much more modern and flexible.

3. As we have an extension installed now that can load scripts, we just need to click on this link and a window will pop up where we choose to install the script.

That is all! Now, whenever we click a link to edit our posts and pages, the script will force a redirect to the good old WordPress editor. The new editor layout has no chance anymore to annoy you again. Wherever you click on edit on your blog, the good old editor appears and you never will see the new editor again.


It’s great that the Penguin came up with this great classic editor redirect script. Also check out how the script is made, if you are interested and if you can read lines of code. You can find the source code of the script here on GitHub.


Did you know you can do the same with the stats page? You dislike the new stats screen? Here is how you can force a redirect to the classic stats screen of WordPress.


367 thoughts on “How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

    1. We have to thank the creator of the script. πŸ™‚ I just push this forward with the article how to use the script because the solution is awesome.

      I am totally happy now too that there is a really good solution. I am sick of reading bigheaded WordPress staff answers. Now I can concentrate on writing again πŸ™‚

      I am glad you like the solution too. Happy blogging Laura!

      1. Fortunately the user script works well to bypass the crap that the new editor is. πŸ˜€ But I do understand if people want to leave WordPress, because I agree that things starting to suck here.

  1. I just bookmarked the classic editor on my laptop. Is this enough? I use Firefox. If it is good enough, I plan on opening this bookmark every time I add a new post. Thank you for the help!!!

    1. I think this will only work for creating new posts. But it won’t work if you click on edit below of your excisting posts. If you want to use the new editor in any case, I would really install greasemonkey and then the script I mentioned in my post. It’s really easy and after that you can use the classic editor always if you click on links that would otherwise open the new editor.

      As you use Firefox (I love that one too)… it’s extremely easy to get the classic editor back. Just install greasemonkey (click on add to Firefox):

      Once this is installed you just have to click on this link:
      Then just install the script that pops up.

      This will permanently force a redirect to the old editor wherever you click on edit on WordPress. πŸ™‚ It’s a much better solution than the bookmark in my opinion. The bookmark does only work for new posts.

      If you want to use bookmarks at all, you can alternatively open this link: and drag then the blue link you see on that page in your bookmark bar. Now when you click this bookmark in the future, it will act like your “edit in classic mode” link. This bookmark will work better than the normal bookmark link. But as said, installing greasemonkey and the script is anyhow a better solution in my opinion.

      1. Dennis, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I abhor the new editor so with this information I will insure that I maintain the classic editor. I will follow your instructions here. Why WP just cannot leave well enough alone is a total mystery to me. There have been some days that I have just about walked away, not willing to hassle with WP. Now I go to do as you say here. I am just SO relieved I can keep my classic editor!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      2. Same here. I can’t understand it as well and when there was still a link to the classic editor, I was happy with the solution even if it now forced me to do more clicks. Some days ago after a small blogging hiatus when I came back I was quite shocked that this link was now removed as well by WordPress.

        First thought I had was that this would be the end of my ttime being a WordPress community member. Then I found this solution and had to write about it. It works so flawless. I am happy too that I can now concentrate again on blogging.

        Anyway, I do pretty much agree… I can not understand what kind of problem the decision makers at WordPress have with a tiny link to the classic editor. They simply want to force this new downgraded editor on us. It’s bigheaded, there is no logic to explain it.

        I am happy and hope you can now concentrate on blogging again too with the good old editor πŸ™‚

      3. Haha, yep, the installation is very easy πŸ™‚ I am glad you thought that too. Cool that you can use the classic editor permanently now as well πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  2. Reblogged this on Petals Unfolding and commented:
    If you have any questions, please refer all your comments to original post. This is not my usual material for Petals, but I don’t know about you, I LOVE the classic editor. I contacted Dennis through a comment because I still was not sure what to do, and very simply he helped me with step by step instructions, to insure that whenever I use my editor in WP, I have the classic one. Thank you, Dennis!

    1. Understandable. While this is always subjective, my personal opinion is too that the new editor is a big design mistake that can drive people mad. πŸ™‚

    1. I guess we sadly won’t get a link back, that’s what I get from the WordPress staff answers.

      But the solution with the script does even work better than the link we still had weeks ago, as the script does prevent the new editor to appear, but instead the script does force a redirect to the old page.

      Hope this will help you too πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks a lot for this posting. I hope you don’t mind me re-posting it without asking for your permission first. I think we really need to spread the word even if I don’t have much hope that we might change the minds of those WP developers. I did so on my blog, too.
    Have a great day,

    1. That is absolutely ok πŸ™‚ I agree, we need to spread the word but as you I do think too that WordPress won’t give us the classic link back. However, it is always good to raise the own voice.

      Until then, the script solution works like a charm. This is the first day since a long time where the new editor never appeared again on my screen. I love that script.

      Have a nice day too please.

      1. Dennis,
        I haven’t installed the script. I have just bookmarked the way to the old editor via the dashboard and “wpadmin”. That works fine for me.
        Let’s hope we can still enjoy blogging,
        P.S.: And thx for following my blog. πŸ™‚

      2. That is of course personal preference. I prefer the script solution as I don’t work much with bookmarks. I am glad you found what works well for you πŸ™‚

  4. Thank You. I was aware that sooner or later this was going to happen. I had some try outs before with some success — then went back because of the drop-down list of categories being to short. This problem has not been solved. I also found another problem, one that occurs often when you base a new post on a copy of an older post. (did I see that option copy a post?)
    * i cannot change the http name of a post
    * i have too many categories too view in the drop-down list

    1. I expected it to happen too. But I was sure one of us would be a scripter who would come up with a solution. I am happy that someone did. I had to highlight and share the solution. I wouldn’t be able to blog with the new format, there are way too much issues.

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    Finally a fantastic easy to implement way to permanently force Word Press to use the classic editor! The new editor is not only frustrating most users of wordpress, but is completely unacceptible as far as accessibility to those who are blind and visually impaired is concerned. Gratefully I will be spending far fewer hours on creating and editing posts thanks to there being a way to get around the problem.

  6. Reblogged this on My thoughts on a page. and commented:
    Wordpress users, if like me you can’t get used to the new Editor on WordPress. here is a way to always ensure you write your posts in the old editor. I’ve followed the simple instructions and it works. I’m delighted.

  7. I just tried it… IT WORKS! Still get the annoying beep beep boop, though, lol, but very grateful! Thanks Dennis and the Penguin! I already see this is doing the rounds among WordPress users… pretty soon, no one at all will be using the ‘new improved system’ hehe! 😀

    1. This is strange that you still see the message because I don’t see it with the script. But anyway, as long as it is just the message and you can use the classic editor after it, I think it’s still cool then as you can now fully concentrate on blogging without being annoyed by the new editor! πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you. Reblogged this on My thoughts on a page and commented,
    Wordpress users, if like me you can’t get used to the new Editor on WordPress. here is a way to always ensure you write your posts in the old editor. I’ve followed the simple instructions and it works. I’m delighted.. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to install this.

    1. I am glad you like this solution and thank your for sharing. I am sure there are a lot of people trying to get back to the old editor. Thank you.

  9. Just tried this… IT WORKS! Thanks Dennis and the Penguin! Now if only you could get rid of the annoying beep-beep-boop, too…

      1. Nice Ali, once some minor problems are sorted out with the script, I am sure this thing will go viral. WordPress said there are not much people who still would like to edit in classic mode, I wrote so often about the topic and I got another impression. It seems a lot of people loved the classic editor. It’s so cool that this script is an option for us to make blogging fun again πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for this.

    I set up links to the good editor when they first “improved the interface” with this piece of crap. Now I’ve installed the script too. At least, I hope it is installed. I followed the instructions, installed the software. It’s hard to tell because my site always goes to the classic editor and the older stats page, on my laptop, but not on my iPad. I don’t edit on my iPad, so I don’t worry about it. I can’t even properly get my site to load on my iPad, so it’s a moot point.

    I do not understand why WordPress is doing this to us. We ARE their customers. It makes no sense. Happiness engineers indeed.

    1. We have to thank the creator of the script, I do just share how to install and how to use this awesome script πŸ™‚

      The reason why you still saw the old editor on your notebook might be that your browser cache was still filled with that option. You know, they introduced the link to the classic editor back then, the link they removed recently. When you did click the link at that time, the option that you want to use the old editor was stored in your browser cache. If you would delete your browser cache now, I am pretty much sure you would only see the new editor in the future, unless your redirect script working of course. I am sure it is working.. but if you want to be sure…

      I am not sure if you use Firefox or Chrome. If you want to be sure that the script is running, I use Firefox and there I have a greasemonkey entry under “extras” in the top menu. When I hower with the mouse over this entry, a second menu will open and there I can find an entry to manage user scripts. If I click there and if there is an entry called “ edit post redirects 1.2.2” it means the script is loaded.

      It you have Google Chrome and installed the Tampermonkey extension, you should now have a symbol like a square with two circles (or eyes) beside the field where you would usually type in website addresses. If you click on this fancy button, you see some entries and one should be called “Overview” or similar (I have the German version, so, not sure). If you click on this overview entry, a new page should appear and there should be an entry called “ edit post redirects”… if this is true, it is installed and fully loaded. Hope I could help you πŸ™‚

      For all other browsers I am not sure as I don’t use them.

      1. I think it may be because when this issue first came up, months ago, when you clicked the link to return you to the classic editor, it was permanently selected as the option, at least on that computer, or within that browser. I empty my browser cache , probably not often enough, but whenever it seems to be slowing down. I don’t empty ALL the data, but I dump all the images and history regularly.

        I just went and did it again — it was overdue for emptying anyhow — and edit still takes me to the old editor, but it always has since the first time I restored it from the new awful one. I guess I’m safe for now, at least.

      2. Yes exactly, this option probably was still stored. Anyway, with the script you should be safe now. If this new editor thing pops up again anyway some day, we could investigate why. But I think it won’t now that you have the script installed πŸ™‚

    2. Oh, and as same as you I can’t understand either what is going on with the WordPress team. It looks like they’re gone nuts. The new editor is a real design mistake, I agree.

      1. The direction WordPress is going in … ? Trading functionalty for “a certain look?” ALWAYS a bad trade. You never exchange functionality for a prettier Interface. Meanwhile, they are alienating their serious, long-term users who are the backbone of their profitability. They will eventually regret it, but I’ll have thrown in the towel by then. Because WordPress won’t give up until they force us to find another platform or convince us to stop blogging.

      2. Yep, that is the point I tried to make in the forums quite often too. You can come up with a simple design to attract a bigger mass of people, however, as you said, it will drive away people who serious used the platform, people who did help newbies too to get used to complex and flexible tools as the old post forms.

        The backbone is a nice analogy… they break their own backbone right now, true. I never saw so much disappointed people.. just take a look at the biggest forum threads, they all are about the new designs. I think WordPress really doesn’t get how serious this is.. but I saw similar things happen with other products and services.. today it’s about the mass market. Attracting people who might want to blog, that is not enough anymore, they want to attract people who would never get the idea to start blogging.

        Saw this happen so often recently at other places too. It’s nuts. Especially because in most cases it didn’t work out well. You can not get rid of your strong community to attract people who have not much in common with your product. I am still confused why companies think this would work.

    1. Yep, will be done with a few clicks on Firefox πŸ™‚ Just install the Greasemonkey extension and then the script. Let me know if it doesn’t work… but it will I think πŸ™‚ Happy blogging then!

  11. Thanks, Marilyn, for reblogging this. The new interface is terrible and almost enough to force me to quit posting. As bad as Windows 8, with which I am in a life or death struggle right now!

    1. Windows 8 is a super example. When this OS came out, I refused to use it too and didn’t uninstall my WIndows 7. Really, same design mistake… you can not force mobile design on desktop users. πŸ˜€ Good example!

    2. I just bought a nice fresh copy of Windows 7 to install on a Win 8 computer. My son was going to throw it out a window. Now, it’s a usable computer again. The best $90 he ever spent.

      Sadly, it’s not so easy with WordPress. They are bound and determined to force us to use this poorly designed software until we give up blogging … or find another platform to work on. I don’t know if I have it in me to do this again. I love blogging, but they sure have squeeze most of the fun out of it in the past year. Why they are doing this is a mystery to me.

      1. to make money – they will – I think – soon announce a wonderful new update and charge lots of money for the ability to blog the way we always did, whilst offering “edit lite” as the only option for non paying bloggers – with lots of encouragements to upgrade and pay – don’t you think?

        see my comment further down the page!

        1. I’m sure it will come down to money in the end. Doesn’t it always? But I’m already paying for customization and would cost me more, I’m done with WordPress. I think they will lose many, many customers. This technique failed with Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. No “free” platform has ever successfully converted to paid. it fails every time.

        2. No matter who it is, they are deluded and traveling a road that will not work out well for them. Mobile devices are not going to replace laptops and desktops. They will be used along with larger computers and people like us, who write and maintain blogs will never do it from a telephone. That’s for Twitter people — 140 characters at a time. They do not understand their users at all.

        1. Wow. No wonder he doesn’t “get” blogging. His blog just like Twitter. He doesn’t write, doesn’t post photography. He just shoots out tweets and quotes. HE could use the “improved editing tool” because he doesn’t need anything sturdier. I doubt he does anything for himself anyway. It’s corporate flunkies doing the actual work.

  12. Thank you for the information. I wonder if you can answer this question for me: Why does Google put its “G” logo on photos that I move from my IPhone or from commons,wikimedia onto my Picassa photo storage? Every time I see that BIG “G,” I delete the photo and go thru IE (Internet Explorer) to save the photo. I do not have a similar problem with IE.

    1. To be honest, never heard about this issue. All I can suggest is to use a workaround, but I am glad you found a way. I am not iPhone user… so, I am sorry that I can’t help you, because I can’t reproduce this particular problem to check out why this is happening with your images. 😦

    2. I don’t know why you have that problem, but I don’t take pictures on a phone. I use a camera. Actually, I use 6 different cameras and have never had that problem. I just pull the SD chip from my cameras and stick them in my computer, saving the pictures directly to my hard drive. I don’t go through a browser at all. Maybe that’s the problem. Also, I don’t use online processing software. I have Photoshop installed on my computer. You might consider investing in Photoshop Elements. It’s Photoshop “lite” and I’m pretty sure you won’t have the same problems. You might want to consider a camera in your future, too.

      1. This is a good suggestion. I do it similar. I just plug the usb cable into my PC with my android phone and open the folder of the phone where the photos are (once you know where the folder is on the phone, it is easy). And then I just copy the content to a new folder on my desktop and sort the images after it. This suggestion should help to get around the problem with the G logo.

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    For blogging colleagues using WordPress
    (All other visitors to Forest Garden, please excuse this bit of housekeeping business…. more flowers and gardening posts to follow!)
    Here is a post which might interest WordPress users who prefer the Classic WordPress editor. Links in this post will allow you to “fix” your WordPress experience so the classic editor is the only one you will see. It is a workaround. I’m re-blogging this link found on an English friend’s blog, and hope you find it helpful.
    Best wishes,
    The Woodland Gnome

  14. Reblogged this on Ohm Sweet Ohm and commented:
    If you share my frustration with the upgraded WordPress Editor page you can follow the simple instructions and continue to use the Classic Editor to post to your blog. It took me less than 30 seconds to install and it works.

      1. I was clicking from the side menu of the Admin Dashboard menu to get this feature and I figured that it wouldn’t last. I like your solution much better.

      2. I do agree, it works better with the script that one of our community members created. Because this script does also work on the edit links under the posts and so on.

      3. Thursday_it looks as if those gnomes at WP have undone the “fix” to the new post feature workaround. Are you experiencing this, too?

        If I go to the WP Admin page, scroll down to “posts” and right click on “add new” and then select “open in new tab”, I get back to the old formβ€”at least for now. Ξ©

      4. Yes you are right, I tested it now… I disabled my greasemonkey for some minutes, deleted my cache to be sure, and then I clicked on β€œadd new” in the dashboard and the classic editor appears. I think they don’t know anymore what they are doing and what they want lol. But this is since some time the case.. I can not tell anymore how often I saw things removed, changed, reapplied and removed again. I sometimes get the impression they let their trainees work on the stuff.

        Anyway, if I want to edit my posts and click on edit below one of my posts, it will still bring up the new editor. So, as the script works for all β€œadd new post” and β€œedit” links, I let it enabled as it is imo a pretty great solution and as I don’t want to be forced to beta test for WordPress. πŸ˜€

        We will probably read in the forums if they changed their mind and if they want to provide links to the classic again. But I assume this won’t be the case. I am not sure what they are doing there right now *laugh*. I don’t understand them since some time.

    1. Yes, you can use Mozilla Firefox browser in this case:
      Do you use it already? If not, you could install it. After that you install the Greasemonkey extension to Firefox:
      And then you install the script from this link:

      Alternatively you can also use the web browser Opera on Mac and install the Tampermonkey extension to the browser: and then the script I mentioned.

      It could be that you use the web browser Safari, and I am really not sure how it would work there. The easiest way is really to install Mozilla Firefox browser, which is a great browser anyway. πŸ™‚ Do you know what kind of browser you use?

      1. You’re right, Google Chrome and then Tampermonkey extension plus the script should be a solution on Mac too. Didn’t know that Chrome is for Mac too.. had to Google it and it seems this would work too πŸ™‚

      2. Thanks so much for the info. I do use Safari and it is the best option most of the time (it is apparently the only one that works for some things), but I’ll look into the Mozilla Firefox option.

    1. I am glad you like it. I just shared how to use the script, attribution goes to the creator of the script πŸ™‚ Followed you back on Twitter.

      1. That app is the only version of Chrome available for iPad. The problem isn’t Chrome. It’s that IOS, is not recognized by the application which runs the script. It may not recognize the script, either. It isn’t just local to Chrome. The app uses resources drawn from the operating system (OS), or in this case, IOS. — which doesn’t work on an iPad. It’s not a Chrome issue. It’s an operating system incompatibility. Not the end of the world. I don’t edit on my iPad anyhow. All my laptops and desktops are Win7. I’m sure it won’t work on the Kindles either because they are Android and would need a different format. But again … I don’t edit my blog on my Kindles.

        Anyway, the message said that this application will work on Windows, Chrome, Linux, and some Android machines, but NOT on IOS. It might work on a Mac laptop or desktop which uses a different operating system.

    1. No, I use Windows 7 too. What kind of browser are you using and did you install the right extension before you tried to install the user script? Lets see if we can find out what is wrong.

      1. This is good because this means Tampermonkey is already installed and working in your Chrome browser. Now we need to check out if the script is loaded by Tampermonkey. Click on the black icon with the two eyes or circles… this is the Tampermonkey icon..,

        Because we want to check out now if the script is loaded. When you click on this icon, there should be an entry called “Overview” or similar (sorry, I have the German version, but it should be called this way I guess, the entry with the green icon with a wrench and screwdriver).-

        If you click this entry, another page should open. If this redirect script is working and loaded, there should be the entry called “ edit post redirect” on the newly opened page. If this is not the case, then the script is sadly not installed in your Tampermonkey extention of Google Chrome.

        If it is not in the list, you might want to try to install the script again. Click this link again to try it:

        If you still get this error then, there might be any tool preventing you to install the script I think. It might be any security software you use for example. I am not sure.

        Another option you have is to contact the creator of the script:

        Maybe he knows more about this particular runtime error. I really hope you get it running because it’s just awesome to be able to use the classic editor again. πŸ™‚ Hope we get it to work for you too. πŸ™‚

    1. We have to thank the creator of the script for this awesome solution πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the information! I agree, it’s good that there is a workaround to keep the classic editor.

    1. There is not much to screw up πŸ™‚ This is not very dangerous. Let me know if it worked for you, otherwise I can try to help you πŸ™‚

  15. What blows my mind, besides that stupid new site, is why the brainiacs inserted a “poll” on their site asking us why we like the old site and then went and forced us to use it anyhow. On top of that, I was ticked off at having the “publish” and “save draft” buttons right next to each other making it very easy to click on the one you didn’t want by mistake. I e mailed them, and, as usual, they never respond. Thanks for the info….will switch to the old site. What’s wrong with these people?

    1. A lot of people asked for the results of the poll back then. WordPress decided not to publish the results. I assume they didn’t because the results were not in their favour. Now they do just force the design on us. The link back to the classic editor was the easy solution that made everyone happy.. I can not understand either why they removed this link now. They force the changes on us.

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    Change is sometimes good – sometimes not so good. I am used to posting in the classic WP fashion and when that new posting site pops up I am out of my comfort zone. I need to be in my own environment when writing or sewing and this clearly is not it. Here is a great tutorial on how to get back to your comfort zone. One thing I have learned from trial and error is if I go to WP Admin. from My Sites page > posts > add new, you will land on the classic style of posting on WordPress. Here’s Dennis’s solutions to the problem. Which ever way you decide to go you’ll be happier writing and editing your posts in your comfort zone! ~Elle

    1. All compliments should go to the creator of the script πŸ™‚ I just shared how to use this awesome script πŸ™‚ Happy blogging!

    1. Same here. There is no way I would ever use the new editor, everything is too small there. I am just happy too that there is now a script solution to force a redirect to the classic editor πŸ™‚ Hope it will bring you back to relaxing blogging as well.

    1. I can not reproduce this problem. When I click on preview, it would open a new browser window where the preview is… the classid editor would be still opened in the other window so that I can continue to work there when I closed the preview window..

  17. wish I’d found you before I embarked on this exercise

    I too have been having problems and getting very angry with the changes, and how you can start in classic and suddenly find yourself in what I call “edit lite”

    What has also happened to me, is the spacing gets screwed up, when you go back to a published post to add something or change something – see my link

    You also will find one of the Happiness Engineers – I do love using that silly term – instructions on how to access the classic editor – and an assurance that its here to stay – hmmmm

    am now following you!

    1. There were all kind of problems with the new format so that I gave up on using it. I decided that right away when this thing was released because I didn’t see any usability. At times after changes to the new editor, I gave it tries again and realized it is not only that there were problems, I realized the whole design of the new editor did just annoy me like crazy.

      I am extremely happy that someone in our community did create this script now, which is why I posted about it… now I can really concentrate on blogging again. I am totally sick of reading WordPress staff answers in the forums.

      So, I do dislike this Happiness Engineers term as well, because I don’t see how they make us happy.. it’s sad that they have to present us these tools because some decision makers gone crazy at WordPress. I feel pity with the staff, I wouldn’t like to defend such a miserable tool as the new editor.

  18. I thought, after I left the last comment, that I would copy here, part of my latest “chat” with the HE that is supposedly trying to help with the formatting collapse problem, and asked me to do the tests as detailed in

    this is my reply to some of her comments

    “what someone in wordpress hasn’t understood is the 1st rule of business


    most of the bloggers have not done the 101 course and are hesitant about using the formats, and there is NOTHING that I saw that said – you may choose to write your post on this edit sheet, which gives you less options – or whatever gloss you want to give it – or you can choose these other sheets which will do this – but maybe are not as “easy” to use.

    If you get presented with something, you take it at face value – I just assumed you’d stopped people using the classic one for some silly reason only known to your designers – and in the mood I was already in, it made me angry!

    The instructions for choosing what format to use should be on each edit page, every time, so people can make their own choices, and for people who didn’t even know about the variations – which I didn’t at first.

    I knew you were changing things round, as there IS a prompt to use the simpler version on the classic one, but there isn’t anything on the simpler version to allow you to switch to classic.

    Its just a lack of thinking by your design team, but its caused me a load of trouble – and I have no intention of going back to that post and correcting all my assumptions – they were honest ones.

    If you want to do it, that’s fine – you are welcome to comment as well as anyone else.

    I would suggest that you also put a link on each of these pages, to full instructions on how to use them – then maybe I would have seen the ‘obvious’!

    And why is there not an email notification to EVERY wordpress blogger to tell them of the changes you are making – why hide the fact that you are making changes – it only confuses people when something they are happy using, suddenly disappears.

    I always say, if someone doesn’t answer a question – they have something to hide.
    Its actually good PR if you admit to having some problems – smile!

    thanks for taking up my suggestion that you contact people who have left comments on the blog about their problems – I have left new replies to everyone who commented to alert them to the update, and on the two that you told me you contacted, have acknowledged that you are being pro -active – so I’m not always critical! smile”

    no reply yet – wonder what she’ll say?

    1. Very well said. I would absolutely sign it! However, I think they really want to force this route with the new editor. I was active for over a half year in the forum to fight against all the latest design errors. I am done and tired of writing with WordPress staff.

      I don’t think that they take us serious, they just got the mission from the decision makers at WordPress to tell us how great this downgraded editor is. Now that the script solution works like a charm, I really can concentrate more on blogging again instead of caring about the opinion of any WordPress team member. I think we can not help them anymore.

      1. well I am glad I found your site, I felt I was battling alone, and knew that I was being led a dance when I was told that no one else had complained about the formatting problems and the editior versions switching between each other when you are in the middle of a post.

        I find it very strange that wordpress DO NOT send out information about the changes they are making, and leave so many people stranded and angry – like you have been, but at least you have done something about it!

        Do you know who “controls” wordpress? I haven’t tried looking it up, but I’m sure if I did, I wouldn’t be able to find out very easily, but I would like to know, because whilst I am a user of wordpress, it seems they are making decisions for me, and I want to talk to THEM!

      2. The forum is full of complains and there were threads and there is still a thread with hundreds of complains. WordPress staff usually did close active threads about the design because they can’t face the fact there are quite a lot of people who dislike the new designs. Then they said often as you said too, that no one else had complained. Of course, because they do often close the threads where people complained, and apart from that I assume that not all people know that there is a WordPress forum. This forum is pretty much hidden.

        Give then fact that they didn’t even show us the result of the poll about the editor, I question that all people like the new editor. I assume they did not release the results of the poll as it is not in the favor of WordPress, I assume the results were that the majority hates the new editor. Which is why I often use terms like “forcing”, because that is what WordPress does right now, they try to force us to use the horrible designed new layouts.

        And then what you said, they don’t even tell people about incoming changes. I assume they simply don’t care about their userbase anymore.

        Matt Mulenweg is recent CEO of Automattic. Here is his blog:

        Here is the WordPress company page:

  19. Thank you for this info – I will pass it on to others too. At present I still seem to be able to reach the classic posting page via the WP Admin link on my Stats page but I do know someone here in the UK who has had this problem and who, like many of us, is intensely irritated by the new “Beep, Bop, Beep” editor.

    1. The good thing is that this script will redirect from all edit links too. The problem is that if you click on edit below one of your posts, the new editor would now appear.

      With the script you can force redirect to the classic editor to edit your excisting posts as back then.

      Even if there are still some buttons leading to the classic editor, the recent events showed that WordPress does have the intention to make them redirect you to the new editor…

      So, this script is imo the best option to prevent that the new editor will appear. It really works well.

      1. I too am expecting from what you have reported that WordPress will be removing all buttons for the classic editor in due course. I have tried out this script method and it certainly works for me too – and I use Linux on my desktop. Thank you again.

  20. My script apparently is working on my Windows 7 Professional laptop. It didn’t appear to load and after I installed it, all I got was a blank page. I checked the icon and all it said was “enabled”, but there was a link for Dashboard. There, it showed which scripts are running. Only one, the WordPress redirect script. So maybe it works a little bit differently in Win 7 Pro than in Win 7 regular? But it definitely IS working.

    1. I don’t think that Windows 7 professional is the reason why you got this blank page as I have the same Windows version installed.

      Also the OS is not really interacting much with the script as it is no exe file or so. The browser and the script extension does interact with the script. That means there could appear issues if you run other extensions in your browser that interfere or prevent from installing scripts. As same as some security tools, because they often install security extensions in your browser if you agreed to it when you installed the software.

      The problem is that all users have set up their system with different tools and browser extensions, so that the installation can be in some cases a little bit more tough and it’s hard to tell where the problem is all our system setups are so different.

      Anyway, it seems that it is working for you now as you found the script entry. It seems you just got a blank page while installation for whatever reason, but as long as the script does the job now and if there are no other problems now, I wouldn’t worry. I had similar things happen when I installed other extensions in the past.

      All that matters is that it’s working unless there are still some problems. I assume the blank page appeared only once? If not, we should take a closer look. It would be bad if you see this blank page more often because it would mean there is something interfering.

      1. As far as I can tell, it’s working. If I go to the TamperMonkey dashboard, I can SEE the script. It appears to be the only script. I’ve never gotten any kind of message from it at all, so I assume it just works in the background. But over all, my computer seems very bad about notifying me of completed tasks. It does what it is supposed to do, but it does not tell me that it’s done. Very annoying. It may be a setting somewhere in the system and probably it’s my own fault. So many things are just a setting that we forget we ever put there. I use Microsoft’s own anti-virus software and it doesn’t insert a lot of scripts or other crap into the system … one of the big reasons I like it. Some of the antivirus software out there is horribly intrusive. It is more malicious than the viruses it’s supposed to prevent.

      2. Haha, you make a good point. Yes, I tested all kind of security tools too and there is this trend recently that they have bloatware and intrusive stuff in the package, I agree. I use the free Avira Antivir in combination with the free but very complex firewall called Comodo. Avira shows me one ad once in a week, but well, it’s the free version and if it happens once a week, I am ok with it. But this thing also tried to install security browser extensions, however, I didn’t install the extension as I use a better tool called “NoScript” that lets me decide if I want to allow a website to run scripts in my browser and what URL’s are loaded from websites.

        I think the script works now for you. You see it in the Tampermonkey list which means it is loaded by the browser and Tampermonkey, and if you are now always redirected to the classic dashboard if you click edit below your posts and so, it’s working fine πŸ™‚

        1. So far, so good. I’m pretty fed up with WordPress. They don’t want us. They really don’t. There’s no other way to interpret the way they treat us, how they ignore us, force tools on us that make it impossible to do what we want. I don’t know what they DO want, who they want, but it isn’t me, that’s for sure. This little script is a blessing. As long as I can keep using tools that work, I can do this. If they make it impossible, I can’t keep going. I hope this is … if not the end … at least a long intermission.

      3. Exactly. I was actually planning to export all my content to another host (selfhosted) if there would be no way anymore to use the classic editor, but as someone who does use quite a lot of browser extensions to customize my internet experience, I was sure someone would at some point come up with a nice script that can be loaded through an extension to get me back to classic.

        Considering that I followed all the threads (also the ones that later got closed by WP to muzzle all the people who complained), it took a while until a fellow scripter did it. But there was no point for a script earlier anyway until WP took down the classic editor link. The script is now even a better solution as the link, because I didn’t see the new editor anymore since I have installed it. It’s really a blessing.

        So much about browser extensions and scripts. I love the fact that I can customize all kind of stuff. I try to keep things clean and not too bloated, but there are some extensions in my arsenal that are really awesome and that give me a greater browsing experience. This script is now part of it. πŸ™‚

        When it comes to WordPress and the internet in general… I am aware of the fact that mobile devices are now a big thing and there are quite a lot of stats about this fact on big techology sites. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that there is a heavy decline in the desktop market. WordPress is on the wrong track here, forcing all people to mobile layouts, that is something others tried and failed hardly.

        I think you brought in this good point with Windows 8 here anywhere in the comments. There is a reason why Microsoft patched back the taskline by default in Windows 8, and why Windows 10 will be go back to the classic Windows design. And this is just one example.

        I have no problem with mobile friendly designs, as I use mobile devices too of course, but for me it is absolutely ok if I use a different application there. As same as a mobile layout doesn’t work on conventional systems, a desktop design doesn’t work on mobile devices either. The trend of responsive designs that works for all users, that is in my opinion a pretty bad idea, the only plus I see there is that the developers now only have to care about one design, but that won’t make customers happy.

        Apart from that, I had to laugh when they called the new layout responsive, because it might be responsive for both device groups but not for both user groups. The fact that a website is loading on two different devices, doesn’t make it more usable, in fact one user group will be disadvantaged as we see. Whoever came up with the idea should really learn about usability and the demands of the own users. Now they need to learn it on the hard way, I am pretty much sure some people will take steps to get a better hosting solution (but I see how big the mobile market is, which is why WordPress probably doesn’t care about us anymore). I would run away if I would not be able to customize my browser.

        1. One size NEVER fits all. Microsoft discovered that. Again. They keep trying to make everyone the same, to find a single solution to everything. It never works, but “they” will never stop trying.

      1. Yes, and it would be sad because we put years of efforts into out blogs. It’s good that there are better solutions πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  21. Well, Dennis! I do believe you are my new VERY FAVORITE WP blogger-tech!! Thank you very much. And so very easy too! πŸ™‚ Damn! I never fixed anything so easily in my life! πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, that is cool! My blog is not pure tech, because I have a lot of other boring things to tell and to show, hehe, but I am glad the guide was easy to understand and that you now can enjoy the classic editor again too πŸ™‚

  22. I wanted to add a technical note: I had to restore my system this morning. My own fault and a good reminder that you never get too old or too knowledgeable to screw up your system. I wondered if the installation of TamperMonkey and the script would survive the restoration. It did. I had to reinstall my printer, but the script stayed put. Just so you know.

  23. I grow anxious, Dennis: a post from someone I follow seems to be telling me that the ‘classic’ editor is about to be totally unavailable – and I cannot use your excellent directive.
    Is there anything you can do – when you have the time – to help me further, please ?

      1. I’ve just this minute asked Dennis if there’s a possibility that desktop users are not going to lose access to the classic editor …

      2. Most links for desktop users do already redirect to the new editor. WordPress will phase out all links to the classic editor. They think the new editor is the way to go. So, nope, without bookmark to the classic editor, or without a redirect script, you will be soon using the new editor only. WordPress does not want us to use the classic editor anymore.

        1. You misunderstood me. I meant your script is working. I know you can still get to the classic editor through a number of roundabout ways, but the script gets you there without all those extra steps.

      3. Everything fine Marilyn. πŸ™‚ I just answered the question of M-R πŸ™‚ She asked here if there is the possibility that the links to the classic editor will remain anyway. And considering how much links are already redirected to the new one, considering the WordPress staff answers in the forums, this is not going to happen. They clearly want to promote the new editor.

      4. They did already mention several times in the forum that the classic editor software will remain on their servers. It’s just that they removing the links and redirect people to the new one. That’s what they did with the very old stats page too… you can still open the very very old and first version of the stats if you know the link.

        I do also remember that someone said that the classic editor is still available for people on a WordPress VIP and Enterprise hosting plan. Not sure if this is true, but it would make sense. They probably want to draw a clear line… you pay more, you get more. Don’t know. But if this is true, it’s the reason why they won’t delete the classic editor from the servers. In this case it would be very likely that the script will work for us for a long long time. πŸ™‚

    1. It’s sad that it’s still not working for you. I sadly have no idea what is preventing the installation in your case. But I did google for the error message and error code and found this forum where other people had a similar problem (but related to another site):

      It seems that somekind of security tool or some security settings to prevent the script from working and that you must allow it in any settings. The problem is just that I don’t know what kind of tools you are using. First of all it would be good to know what kind of browser you are using.

      Maybe the creator of the script has more ideas why it is not working in your case, you might drop a comment there as well:

      1. Thanks a lot, Dennis ! You are getting heaps of gratitude via the referral post I put on my own site, btw. πŸ™‚ But no-one seems to be willing to kiss your toes, regardless ! [grin]
        Tell me: is it possible that because I blog via my desktop PC, I’m not going to see the old editor removed, anyway …?

      2. Haha cool πŸ™‚ I am glad people liked the article but the creator of the script does deserve much more gratitude than me. I just wrote about this awesome script πŸ™‚

        Most of the edit links to already forward to the new editor and WordPress will continue to redirect all remaining links to the new editor. They do basically phase out the old editor and nope, if you don’t use the script here, you will need to use the new editor. The only link that does still open the classic editor is the “add new” link in the wp-admin dashboard.

        But they will most likely redirect this one to the new editor very soon too, they stated that they want us to use the new editor. However, the classic editor will remain in the background, they won’t delete the classic editor, it’s just that there will be no links anymore very soon that open the classic editor.

        But as the classic editor remains in the background (basically for no one visible anymore), the redirect script will be the best option you have if you still want to use the classic editor in the future.

  24. Thanks and thanks to Penguin too (got to this via M-R blog) I don’t usually install stuff on my machine that I don’t know about (ex IT support engineer so I know what nasty stuff can happen) but I was so sick of wanting to edit an existing published post and getting the childish beep beep bleep boop editor that I went ahead anyway (well no-one else appears to have had any problems). I guess as long as I don’t run any other scripts I am safe?
    I am just SO relieved I can keep my classic editor!!! (((HUGS)))
    Jude xx

    1. Yes, this script is safe, but now that you have a scripting engine installed, just don’t install any other script to it that you don’t know and nothing will go wrong. It’s all about the scripts you are running, and as you said, you shouldn’t install any scripts that you don’t know about unless they are suggested by quite a lot of people or in better words unless it is a script where you know that it doesn’t harm your computer.

      But as said, this script here is totally harmless and does only redirect to the classic editor, don’t worry, πŸ™‚ The creator of the script made the source code public so that anyone can check out what it is doing:

      I am glad you can now enjoy blogging again πŸ™‚

  25. Since the “new” editor is not only obnoxious and clumsy but also DOES NOT WORK (it reformatted uploaded images without reason or ways to correct its mistake) your solution – which worked perfectly on several computers now – essentially saved my blogging life. Thank you so much!

    1. That is a good way to explain the situation πŸ™‚ It saved my blogging life too as I was afraid that I would otherwise need to move my content to a new host wiht a better editor. I am glad that I don’t have to do this now. πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you so so much for this.. I just today saw the changes to the classic edit which I use all the time… And I will be reblogging this for I am sure others are as frustrated.. I may be back for help.. And thank Amy over at Petals Unfolding for her reposting of this.. Many thanks Sue

    1. PS I have Uploaded the extension for Google Chrome its now in my top browser bar.. So then do I have to open WP edit on a page then click Tampermonkey to upload the script? to the options open.. Sorry to appear ‘thick’ And I have managed to find the old classic mode by going into my Dashboard clicking All posts and then Add New..
      Many thanks for your anticipated help which will be very much appreciated

    1. I am not the creator of this script, but I am glad you liked my tutorial about the script. It’s good that you can now concentrate on blogging again with a nice editor πŸ™‚

  27. So what am I doing wrong, Dennis. I installed Greasemonkey as an extension/add-on in Firefox, but when I am looking at a post and click on edit, it still takes me back to “beep beep boop,” and not to the “classic edit page.” I’m using Firefox 36.0.4

      1. Thanks Dennis. I clicked on the link you provided, and it said it was installing the redirect, but whenever I click “Edit” on an existing post, it still takes me to the “Beep Beep Boop” editor, not to the classic editor. I even shut down and restarted Firefox. Could the fact that I’ve got McAfee installed have anything to do with that? I’m using Windows 7 Professional, by the way.

      2. It could be the reason if McAfee did install a security extension to your browser as well. But it could also be that Greasemonkey is disabled. Check out if the monkey symbol on the right side of your Firefox bar is greyed out, if so, do click on it to enable the extension.

        You can also click on the drop down arrow near the monkey symbol and there will be an entry where you can manage user scripts. If the script is installed, you should find an entry called “WordPress redirect” or so.

        If you are right and if you have somekind of security extensions installed from McAffe, I can not help you out much as I use other security tools than McAffe. However, most tools have options where you can allow things. It could be that McAffe is preventing you to try to install scripts in the browser. I am not sure how you can create a white list there.

        I use Windows 7 pro as well, so, this shouldn’t be the problem.

    1. I just wrote about the fantastic script.The coder is much more awesome than me. But I see you thanked him already too. I’m glad you liked my article too πŸ™‚ But I am much more glad that you can now enjoy blogging again πŸ™‚

  28. Reblogged this on FiftyFourandAHalf and commented:
    Carrie of A Write Transition told me about this website that shows you how to get [back] into WP Classic mode. I hadn’t been able to do this for about a week. Now I can!

      1. Well, I really do appreciate your going to the trouble of learning how to do this and informing everybody who has been grumbling.

        Now if you can only find a way to get them to stop with the changes, you’ll be nominated for a Nobel!

      2. When they removed most options to use the classic editor, I said to myself that I will either find a solution or I will leave I was excited when I found this script and had to try it out and noticed how well it worked. πŸ™‚

        For your humorous request, I am sorry, πŸ™‚ I think a lot of bloggers tried hard and asked them in the forum to stop this mess with all these changes. WordPress doesn’t listen to anybody. It’s really sad to see them damaging what we all loved.

    1. Yea, there are quite a lot of people who dislike all the recent changes. I’ve been active since a half year in several related forum posts where quite a lot of people told WordPress that the changes are frustrating.

      They simply don’t listen, instead they tell us how awesome the new layouts are. WordPress is now blind, they don’t want to hear what we think. I got tired of debating with them and I am happy that I have this script running that brings me back to the classic editor, otherwise I would have exported my site to another host.

      1. For a time, the “classic” layout would pop up and I would give a cheer, but gradually the hated new format seems to been the only one I’m offered. I’ve really no idea why they think the new layout is an advantage on any platform at all

      2. Yes, there was a lot of back and forth, and moving of links and elements. It confused me like crazy. But they announced that they will phase out the old editor, but fortunately they also mentioned that the classic editor will remain at least in the background, still accessible if you know the link, which is why this workaround here works and will most likely work for a very long time.

        I am with you, I don’t understand it either how you can phase out a really good working tool to replace it with a downgraded version. I just assume it’s like everywhere else… they want a baby-like tool that anybody could understand (yes, also customers who would otherwise not touch the product), resulting in more sales. To be honest, I see this trend everywhere right now, also in other technology niches. Things must be easy to understand so that they can drive in more profits. People have an attention span less than 10 seconds (proven), so, the product must be comprehensible in seconds.

        This is something most of us here wouldn’t agree with, otherwise we would like the new editor. But this is something investors agree with. I usually call this capitalism gone wrong, not that I am against capitalism, but if services and products suffer from the never-full greed, thing’s get annoying for the long time customers of the particular product.

        So, I think what we see here is that WordPress is afraid of short-form content platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and so on.

        If you then visit the blog of the WordPress CEO, you get a clear impression what kind of content he prefers. You can only find short-form content published on his blog. This explains a lot. Thus, they don’t care, and they think a downgraded editor is enough.

        This company is basically done with the own customers, they have no idea what the backbone of WordPress is, the long term customers, people who came here because of the great tools we had. In the forum the staff answers were clear enough that they don’t care about our opinions. That is what I have to assume.

  29. Reblogged this on So, I Read This Book Today and commented:
    Thank you for this, Dennis!!!! So, WP is only interested in the “I can only think in 140 characters or less” crowd. Wow. Before you know it, conversation, thought, and all forms of intelligent discourse will be a thing of the past. . .

    Thanks to Trent P. Mcdonald from Trent’s World for pointing this post out to me after my RANT about the poor customer care at WordPress!!

  30. Reblogged this on Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews and commented:
    brilliant, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou – i’ve been struggling to get the “old” version each time I blog – I have to keep remembering to go to new post via a certain route – now I’ve done all the above instructions, and I’m a complete tech washout but it was easy – just clicked on the new post link top right of home page and classic edit loaded up. thankyou so much to all who’ve spent time on working this out for users like me who are not tech minded – its so much easier than the “new, improved” version.

  31. Reblogged this on Tara Erin and commented:
    Hallelujah. If this option, too, gets disabled, I’ll let y’all know where to find me outside of the WordPress World πŸ™‚

  32. Reblogged this on Unclerave's Wordy Weblog and commented:
    I rarely Edit after posting, but this is good to know. I appreciate that WordPress provides a free forum for bloggers, but wish they would make their “improvements” optional. — YUR

  33. I installed this and it worked GREAT – I was so happy for about 3 months – until I updated my chrome and now I lost it. The “beep-beep-boop” has taken over again. Help ! What should I do?

    1. It might be that the script needs an update too.. you might contact tpenguinltg the scripter… he maybe can fix that:

      But it also might be that Tampermonkey doesn’t work anymore after the latest Chrome update. In this case you just have to wait until the creators of Tampermonkey come with an update too.

      Alternatively as long as there is no solution, you could go the Firefox route as described in my tutorial. I use Firefox with Greasemonkey plus script and it works.

  34. THANK YOU!!!

    I am so MAD that I was forced to go to the ugly, slow, clunky, unusable new editor, RIGHT after I renewed my contract for a year!

    You saved me! I so appreciate you figuring this out and making it publically available!

    1. I am glad you like the script solution, you are not alone, so many people dislike the new editor πŸ˜€ True, the link bookmark works as an alternative too, that is what I used before I tried the script. πŸ™‚

  35. Reblogged this on Book Reviews & Giveaways and commented:
    For those of you struggling with the beep beep boop or who just want to stay with the classic editor, read this. If you are one of the few who love the beep beep boop, well, enjoy your visit.

  36. Finally, I can use the fully functional classic editor from my laptop. Now if only I could find a solution from my iPad I’d be ecstatic. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve rebloged on my blog.

    1. I am glad you can at least work better now from your laptop. I have no iPad, that means I didn’t search or test solutions there. I hope you can find something out via Google, although I remember that some commented here that they didn’t find a solution for iPad as well. Thanks for reblogging and spreading the word πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for reblogging, it will help other bloggers… please thank “the penguin”, the developer of the wonderful script, here is the blog of the scripter and the related script post:

      I just wrote the tutorial about the script as I knew many of my readers were annoyed by the WP changes, I am not surprised that there are still people who try to find a solution to get back to the old editor… I am glad you can now use the good old editor again too πŸ™‚

      Also thanks for dropping a nice comment πŸ™‚

  37. Reblogged this on Lance Greenfield and commented:
    If you agree with me that the new editor interface that WordPress has imposed on its users is HORRIBLE, and you prefer the classic editor interface that we’ve been using for a long time, then this post is for you.

    The instructions are very simple to follow, even for the less technical amongst our community, and it works!

    Big thanks to both Dennis and the originator, The Penguin.

  38. A very big DankeschΓΆn for this script. I work mainly with my Apple for WordPress, but also have a Microsoft machine, so have downloaded the script on both. I am not a computer geek, so was a little uncertain about the Ninjakit, but am a golden oldie, love risks and yes, it works perfectly. I can do it and if I can do it so can the rest I am sure. Thankyou so much and a big thanks to Marilyn for putting me on the right road.

    1. I am glad it worked for you, but I am not the person who created the script, I just wrote about it as I knew this would be quite interesting for many people, including me… The script works like a charm since a long time… please thank the creator of the script, he did the wonderful work: πŸ™‚ I am happy that Marilyn suggested the script and the guide, I know we both prefer the good old editor πŸ™‚

      1. I have already thanked Penguin for his efforts. I was almost convinced that I was being a “misery guts” complaining all the time. Uebrigens ich wohne in der Schweiz seit 47 Jahren, mein man ist Schweizer, und kann perfekt Schweizerdeutsch – nur schreiben bin ich nicht so gut. Bin eigentlich EnglΓ€nderin (London – cockney).

  39. I have just installed the TamperMoinkey and script, tested it–success. HAPPY !

    I was quite upset when a few days ago WordPress modified their New Editor even more, making it even worse, , now a narrow column.
    I use a full-width template on my blog and all that WP has done since messing with the old classic editor has been a big pain for me. I can’t properly do what I need to do and always had to switch over to the old editor using 3 or 4 steps to do it, for every edit, and sometimes there are many edits.

    Then in desperate research today I found your post & instructions. I’m not knowledgable about scripts but don’t need to know, since the TamperMonkey seems to take care of everything. Forever grateful, thank you !

    1. I am glad you liked the guide and that the script works well for you too. I agree with everything you said, I wouldn’t be able to craft blog articles with the new editor, it would be a pain.

  40. Thank you so much for this. The new image editor was a major headache, among other things. I will be sure to pass this on to all who may find it useful!

    1. I can not confirm, I checked my Firefox version and I have 43.0.3 too and the editor script still works. Could it be another problem in your case? If you don’t get it to work, you might want to write the developer of the script, you could for example comment on this page: where he explained how the script is made. If you can not sort it out, I am sure he will look into it, because he has always done a great job to keep the script updated for us πŸ™‚

        1. Ah! I had this happen to me once too, I think this can happen after a Firefox update that some addons get deactivated. Good that you solved it now! πŸ™‚

  41. Hi :-), I guess Firefox updated today and I was over night without classic blog editor. Made all the steps you suggested and it is still not working.I wonder where is the mistake now…at the moment I can use the old editor with not updated explorer, not my favourite browser at all.

    1. The classic editor script still works in my Firefox. Could it be that your greasemonkey plugin is disabled? Other people had the exact same issue in the past, and usually it was the disabled greasemonkey plugin, that can occur after a Firefox update as it seems. Check out the monkey icon in your firefox and see if greasemonkey is enabled πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you Dennis. Firefox update before, I did all the installation after that update und greasmonkey is active. Maybe if I restart my laptop things will start to work…I am just shocked what wordpress did with this new horrible editor.

        1. Ok, you might also check if the classic editor script is enabled in greasemonkey, apart from that I have no idea what the issue could be. Maybe you are right, restart Firefox, or your notebook… I can just say that the script still works for me, you might need to tinker a little bit and find out where the issue could be on your end. I do agree, and I guess quite a lot of people agree, the new editor is hard to use. Fortunately there is the classic editor script, and I hope you get it to work too so that you can enjoy writing! πŸ™‚

    1. This will work too, but I prefer the script because it redirects all buttons and links to the old editor, together with the stats redirect script, there is no impact on the usability, because everything is then like in the good old WordPress days πŸ™‚

  42. Hi – don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m using Google Chrome and followed the instructions, but keeps coming up with the new editor when I try and add a new post in my blog. Would dearly love to get back to the old editor. Seriously considering dropping WordPress altogether given the screw-ups with my blog. Any advice appreciated.

    1. Is the Tampermonkey extension enabled in your Chrome browser? It could be that it’s installed but not enabled, you might want to check this out. Also, is the classic editor script loaded correctly within Tampermonkey? I use Firefox and the related extension with the script, but a lot of people said the Chrome way works perfectly too, I even tested it when I wrote the guide. There must be something on your end, maybe you need to check the things I mentioned. I hope you get this working so that you can enjoy blogging again.

        1. Thank you Christopher. And I am happy it works for your now, because I know how annoying the newer editor is… I am only using the old editor as well with the script πŸ™‚ Happy blogging!

    1. Is your Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or whatever addon you use to load the script disabled? In all cases when people said it wouldn’t work, it didn’t work as they didn’t check if their script addon is enabled, it started to work when they enabled it. Can you check if it’s the same problem in your case?

      1. No it’s not disabled. It appears to be working now about 3 times out of 4. It appears to matter what screen I’m on when I press “Add [a new post]”.

  43. I’m still sending this link to friends who are wildly frustrated with the “new improved” editor. I keep trying the newly improved improved improved editor and it’s still not nearly improved enough. It’s missing so many functions, I don’t know how to do normal stuff using it. it comes up when i work from my Kindle. I don’t really write on my Kindle, so it mosly doesn’t matter, but even the very small amount I do there — changing a comma, or fixing a typo — is a major pain. I bless you every day for this fix!

    1. Thanks for sharing this Marilyn. Yes, I still agree, there is no way that I will ever use this new editor, and I am totally glad too that there is this solution for us. I am especially happy that it works like a charm, and that since a long time. I wouldn’t know what to do if there wouldn’t be this script, but in this case I would come one step closer to the decision to move my complete site… I am happy that I don’t have to imo because of the script. πŸ™‚

  44. Thank you, thanks to the script creator and thanks google for bringing me this page.
    You together just saved me from spending next 3 hours grinding my teeth, as I needed to correct something around 30 posts, adding pictures to them, and the new fabulous interface doesn’t allow any options on pics, like “link to attachment page” (or at least I can’t see it ANYWHERE). Also, the old one is somehow miraculously much lighter on the browser and the number of tabs opened at the same time doesn’t kill my poor Chrome anymore.

    1. Thats true Srebrna, I also think the old one feels much lighter to load or to work with. I can see why you prefer the old one, and I am glad you can now continue to work without getting annoyed by the new editor interface. πŸ™‚

  45. I teach people how to use, which it is more or less the same interface as the classic interface. First, I teach them using the free version ( then they actually get a hosting service and install their blogs using With the new interface things get complicated. I’m always telling them how to get to the classic interface. Installing the extensions in Chrome and Firefox desktop versions helps, but for those who like working in their tablets and mobile devices, it doesn’t. It doesn’t work with the WordPress app and mobile browsers. I really hope one day WordPress gives us the option to choose the interface each one of us wants to use. Right now they are in a position to do almost whatever they want, but if they ignore what customers want, when new alternatives start getting track, they will lose many frustrated users and it would be too late to convince them to stay. It may look almost impossible right now, but I wouldn’t discard it one day.

    1. Yeah, decision makers are really stubborn about this. I remember all the drama in the forums, but they simply didn’t care what the userbase demanded. As you, I am pretty much sure that a lot of people will get frustrated and seek for other solutions. As someone who hosted WP installations on my own servers in the past, I always wondered if I should transfer this site here too… but since it’s just a personal blog, I didn’t want to do it yet, especially as I am working on the desktop and due to the working script solution.

  46. For the last month or so, the Tampermonkey script has stopped working with my Chrome browser, though the redirect still works under NinjaKit in Safari. Would you recommend deleting and re-installing it under Chrome? It was working beautifully for a really long time.

    1. I would first check out if it might be that the Tampermonkey addon is disabled. Almost everytime when someone said it wouldn’t work anymore, their Tampermonkey was disabled. Here with my Firefox and Greasemonkey I had it a couple of times too, sometimes when my Firefox gets updates, I have to re-enable Greasemonkey…. or if Greasemonkey got an update. Could it be that you have the same problem? Click on the monkey symbol in your browser and try to find out if it’s disabled. This is the first thing I would think about. Apart from that, re-installing it with the script would be indeed the next thing I would do. πŸ™‚

    1. It still works perfectly for me…. check if your Greasemonkey is enabled. You can find the monkey symbol on the right side in Firefox. Also check if the script is loaded in Greasenonkey. As said, it still works very well for me.

      1. Is your Tampermonkey enabled? You can check the monkey symbol… usually when people said it won’t work, it’s often caused because the extension is not enabled.

        1. yes its enabled. However it says no scripts are running. when i go to the dasboard edit redirects is switched on is there anything else i need to do? this is the only script i have.

        2. Did you click on the link in step 3 and installed it? After you installed Tampermonkey, you need to click this link: to inject the redirection script into Tampermonkey. To me it seems you just installed the Tampermonkey extension but not the redirection script. Could that be the reason why your Tampermonkey says there is no script running? If you use Google Chrome, it’s just the two steps… installing Tampermonkey and after that you have to install the script via the link.

    1. I sadly can’t help you then because I don’t know why it’s not working in your case. 😦 I hope you will feature our where the problem is.

  47. Many thanks, blessings and peace to you for sharing this, and the same in abundance for those who wrote it.

    I have been searching for a way to access the WordPress Classic Editor for quite some time!

    This is a veritable Godsend!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  48. I have an issue, tampermonkey worked perfect with my Windows 10 & 10.1 Operating System. I had to replace my hard drive and Dell, in their messed up customer service garbage, sent me a new hard drive with Windows 8.1 on it and tampermonkey extension in Google Chrome seems not to be working. I’m getting Dell to send me a Windows 10 product key & Windows 10 disk by mail but I want to know if tampermonkey works with Windows 8.1 or not? If not, when I install Windows 10 & then update to Windows 10.1, will tampermonkey resume working as perfect as it once did?

    1. I am Windows 7 user, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with Windows 8 or Windows 10. If Chrome is working and Tampermonkey updated by the developer for the latest Chrome version, it will work. Sometimes it happens that the extension is disabled, but you can check that by clicking on the Tampermonkey symbol in the browser, and you can enable it from there again. This happened to me with Greasemonkey and FIrefox several times, mostly when Firefox or Greasemonkey got an update, I had to manually enable the extension sometimes. So, this might have been the case with your Tampermonkey too.

      1. I had to uninstall/reinstall tampermonkey 3 times and it finally took…..I hate WORSTpress so much, if not for the bloggin community I have met since joining WORSTpress in 2011, I’d take my blog to a private blog host service provider. Thank you Dennis, this article you published has been a life saver since day one.

        1. Not sure why this was the case, but I am glad it’s finally working again for you. I do pretty much feel with you, there are several reason why I still do stay, but I disliked the most recent design decisions of WordPress too. Fortunately there are always workarounds like this one. And by the way, it seems we both started the blog in the same year, I started 2011 too πŸ™‚ Happy blogging!

        2. Thank you Dennis. I have met a plethora of beautiful human souls at Worstpress, and of course I’ve met some buttheads as well. I intend to stay as long as I locate workarounds to their asinine upgrades. Happy Weekend ahead.

        3. That’s true, in communities you meet good and bad people, but here in this community I made overall good experiences like you. I wish you a nice weekend ahead too!

  49. Oh! Thank you so much for sharing this and to the creator! I am saved. I have been sat here for the last two days trying to update my Uni blog, without the classic editor page I just couldn’t do what I needed! This was just what I needed and I can now access on both firefox and safari. You are my heroes πŸ™‚

    1. YaY, that’s awesome! The classic editor is still so popular, and I am always glad if people found the solution on my blog to force a redirection to the old tools. I hope you have fun with the good old tools πŸ™‚

    1. Hi there. It’s still working for me. Looks like the problem is on your end. Depending if you use Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey for Firefox, can you make sure that your extension is still enabled in your browser? Also make sure that the monkey extension does still load the redirect script. Sometimes, especially when there was a Chrome or Firefox update, it can happen that extensions get disabled in your browser. I and others here had this happen too sometimes. Could that be the issue in your case?

  50. Every once in a while, something I do or some download requires I reload that script and I am incredibly grateful for this! It saves me every time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    1. I am also glad that the script works like a charm since a long time. Only after browser updates I sometimes have to take a look if I need to activate the extension or script again. Otherwise, it works and works and works πŸ™‚

  51. Hello,

    Thank you for the solution. This solution did not work with me on my private WordPress on both Firefox & Chrome. Please, do you have any tips for me to have back the old editor?
    The editor is disabled because I installed API plugin and when I contact the developer to ask him why its like this, he said very clear that nothing can be done with this and it will work only like this way. So, is it possible to solve this?

    Thank you

    1. For blogs hosted at it definitely works, but I guess you talk about a selfhosted site… sorry, I am not sure if it works in this case. It seems you found out it doesn’t. I guess you got the bad editor because you installed the Jetpack plugin? I think then you only chance will be to deinstall Jetpack again. But again, I have no idea since I am on and not selfhosted.

      1. Hello again,

        First of all thank you so much for the answer and the great efforts you did in your post. I fix it by changing the core file provided by the plugin as its seem for some reason the plugin developers force the WordPress to filter the editors and only allow the basic one which is not friendly with everyone. However, I will be follower for your blog as its seem to be professional and helpful one.

        Thank you so much.

  52. Greasemonkey (in Mozilla) was working wonderfully for a few years, and I thank you for this post which led me to it.
    Suddenly it stopped working and now when I edit a WordPress post, I get the annoying light-blue format once again.
    I was so happy with the Greasemonkey script. What happened? Suggestions?

    1. It’s still working in my case. You might want to check if your Greasemonkey is still enabled. Same for the script, check if it’s still loaded. I experienced that it once in a while will be disabled, most often after Greasemonkey or Firefox updates.

        1. Click on the down-arrow of the monkey symbol in your Firefox browser… I have the German version but in English you should see something like “Manage User Scripts”. There you can find out if your scripts are enabled or if they are installed at all. If your Greasemonkey is still activated, I assume the the script is either not installed or disabled. If that’s not the case either, then I have no idea. As said the script still works, there must be something at your end.

  53. The Greasemonkey extension was working great – until the most recent Mozilla upgrade about a month ago.
    I desperately want the forced redirect back – but it is not installing from the links you supplied here. Any advice?

    1. It’s still working for me. When I click on “write” or wherever, I get redirected to the classic editor. There must be an issue on your end but I have no idea what the issue could be in your case. Maybe it’s already installed but not activated? But I assume you checked it already in your GreaseMonkey plugin?

      1. It’s actually the classic stats that stopped working. and the Greasemonkey icon in the menu bar disappeared as well. But forced redirect to classic editor still works.

        1. Oh I thought you meant the classic editor since you wrote your comment on the classic editor article πŸ˜€ However, the classic stats script does still work for me as well and my Greasemonkey is showing in Firefox at the top too. I can just guess in you case. I think your GreaseMonkey is working but the script for the stats page is disabled.

          If you can’t access the GreaseMonkey symbol, you can try another way. I am not sure how it is called in English, because I use the German Firefox version… But in the top of Firefox you should see an entry called “Extras”. And in this menu you should see an entry called “Add-ons”. In your case I would just de-install it (after you checked if the tool is enabled), and start from scratch. Just deinstall it and install the scripts again to see if this solves your problem. Maybe something got messed up in your case with the new Firefox version.

    1. Yes, even the last workaround that I mentioned in another post isn’t working anymore:

      The “add new” button will now also redirect to the Gutenberg editor. I don’t think that we can dodge it any longer. Scripts probably won’t work anymore in the future either as they just entirely get rid of the classic editor or make it only able to access on their overpriced premium products, I assume.

      I think it’s over.

    2. For now, there might be still an exploit but I don’t know for how long. You could create a draft with the new editor, then go to the dashboard and move your mouse over the post where you will see the options: Edit, Classic Editor, Quick Edit, and so on. Chose Classic Editor and start writing. But then again… this probably won’t work for long either. It’s game over.

  54. Just wanted to let you know everything is still working problem free for me, on Chrome with the Tampermonkey extension.
    I’ve been using the re-direct for over 5 years ! . . I panicked a bit early in the day on 2 October when the horrible new Editor was forced on users, because it appeared on my PC also. . .However, a few hours later the Tampermonkey updated itself ! and all was good again.

    1. Fantastic. I understand that you panicked. This is how I feel too when (out of a sudden) Gutenberg pops up on my screen πŸ˜€ It’s just awful. I will continue to inform people about the latest workarounds to get back to the Classic Editor if things change. So, that they can keep having joy with blogging.

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