Beautiful Daisy

beautiful daisy

As I mentioned in my recent post, it’s in quite a lot of cases impossible to get close-up shots of flowers with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, but that depends of course of the flower size. Walking near the Trave River, I found a daisy that was big enough so that I could focus well and got the shot you can see here in my post.

This daisy was bigger than usual daisies, I was able to get this flower in focus, I can just forget to take photos of even smaller flowers. But for now this isn’t really a drama, there is still enough to discover and at some point in the future I will get me a macro lens anyway. For now I am happy to work with what I have, it’s fun.


13 thoughts on “Beautiful Daisy

  1. Good luck with the macro lens when you get it. I’m used to doing “what I can with what I have” too. For me, it’s a struggle just to get the flower to be still enough to avoid motion blur.

    1. Good point, had to delete quite a lot of flower photos today too, they looked good on the small camera display, but you know, at home with full resolution you get a shock 🙂 Same problem, too windy and had motion blur in many of them too.

      It will take some time to get to a macro lens, I am not even sure if I go the tele lens route first as I like birds and so too. I will probably save for a decent tripod first (laugh, so much interesting stuff, we should be rich). Anyway, for now my savings are pretty much depleted, so, one by one in the future. 😀 And as we said, we can do a lot with what we have, that is fun too. 🙂

      1. Yep. I managed to take a picture of the International Space Station through the lens of my binoculars, using my point n’ shoot camera, and you could …I think… make out some of the shape of it 🙂

      2. I did similar experiments. I disassembled an old cd-rom drive and removed the lens of the laser and attached it to my smartphone camera and managed to do some macro shots, necessity is the mother of invention (laugh), however the result were not worth to share.

        I also did build my own flash diffuser for my point and shoot with tin foil, cardboard and cellotape, but that thing worked pretty pretty well. I can suggest it 😀

        Did you upload the results of your experiment? 😀 Sounds funny 😀

    1. I am glad you like it. I wish I could even focus closer to the dome, would like to discover the macro cosmus of the textures there 😀 Generally, there would be a lot to discover with insects, plants and so on.

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