New Resident In The Garden


Apart from the chickens, the husband of my mother also got a rooster from a farm now. Today I was in the garden and saw all the poultry, they are funny. It was a cloudy day and not really the best weather to take photos handheld. Apart from that, I do think that the poultry doesn’t look very photogenic yet, it will take some time until they replaced the feathers. Anyway, I might show some photos of the chickens too if I find some good images in my folder.

Talking about the rooster again, the husband of my mother got him from a farm outside of the city. However, later it turned out that the rooster has some issues with one leg. He does walk with a limp, that’s something we noticed today in the evening and they must find out why. It’s hopefully not a big problem, they will find out, but it’s sad that the farmer didn’t talk about the issue. My mother and her husband will monitor the problem and they will check out what they can do.

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