Path To The Nature

path to nature

Here in Reinfeld where I am now for a while, it does only take me a 10 minutes walk to see the nature. I spotted some interesting places, including interesting paths. There is a pond with a lot of birds, but I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the birds as they were too far away for my lens. Yesterday I saw a woman with a quite big lens, I assume she did use a 300mm or 400mm lens and took pictures of cormorants, but they were too far away for my 105mm lens, and it’s sad to miss out some good shots, but I am patient and will save money for a tele lens too, but it’ll take time.

Outside of the town there are some nice nature spots, with ponds and paths as mentioned, but it’s not the deepest nature, you will find village streets, farms and fields all over the place. The advantage with small towns is that you will be in the nature in a few minutes even if you walk, in Lübeck I would need to cross several districts until I would finally get out of the town to continue with my hike. Now I am in a sleepy village, at 5 or 6 am you rarely see cars on the streets, and the nights are much darker here, I believe this would be cool for star photographers. If you ask me, I wouldn’t want to live here forever, I prefer medium-sized cities over small towns or villages. The town here doesn’t attract me, only some spots, but the nature around the town attracts me more.

12 thoughts on “Path To The Nature

  1. Dear Dennis, beautiful photograph. Especially the trees and the path are giving amazing depth to the composition, I loved it. You can’t believe but I am ready to be there 🙂 we can change our places… I have just looked at the map, Lübeck and Reinfeld, they are all in the North of the country and should be cold and yes as you said, dark… I don’t know but something brought my childhood memories to my mind. I was a little girl when my parents lived in Essen… I hardly remember we were walking together with my Dad in the woods and also along the river Ruhr… Thank you dear Dennis, have a nice day, love, nia

    1. Hey Nia, I am glad you like the photo… you mentioned the reason why I took the photo, not all paths are worth a photo, but in this case I liked the trees along the path, in the morning it looks a little bit scary, especially because there is a marsh and a foggy pond when you are early up. The morning is a good time to take pics, especially if there is fog and morning dew… I shot some more photos that I will upload soon, but I plan to walk one or two hours earlier next time to achieve more mystic photos 🙂

      I was in Dortmund and Bochum several times back then, it’s very close to Essen. Me and a friend were surprised because all cities there are next to each other, we drove through the streets in Dortmund, and driving some more kilometers we found ourselves in Bochung (laugh), that was funny, because here in the north, there would be nature between cities, and not several cities in one place 😀 However, later I learned it has to do with the industrial history of the area, the industry made cities grow so close together. I sadly didn’t see Essen or the nature around the area, also we didn’t have the time to discover the Ruhr, but I can imagine it must be beautiful.

      I do like the woods too, I like to hike through all green, I am glad I could bring up memories with one of my photos, it’s interesting that you lived in Germany 🙂 Where do you live now?

      1. I live in Istanbul now. When I was in Essen I think I was almost four or five years old 🙂 My dad worked in Krupp company.He was engineer. And then we came back to our country. For a long time we lived in the mid Anatolia… But then another move to the capital city Ankara and then to Istanbul. I have been living in Istanbul for more than 30 years… But I say for myself, I am from Anatolian, then for all other things, I am a world citizen…There are still some of my beautiful childhood memories, I can remember in Germany… Do I recognize Essen now, I am not sure… 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

        1. Oh, Krupp, a very well known metal industry company 🙂 They are called Thyssenkrupp today I think. I’ve never been to Turkey, I’d like to see Istanbul and the Bosphorus, as I like history, I know it’s a place with a long history (Ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras) and I would like to see some things with my own eyes, I bet you have some remains of several eras there. Also I’d like to drink a Turkish tea and enjoying the sun and the people 🙂 One of my best friends comes from Turkey (at least his parents) and he is in Istanbul once in a year or every two years, and I saw some photos of his holidays, it looks cool. He is born in Germany, but his parents immigrated from Turkey, so, they like to make holidays in Turkey today.

        2. Istanbul is amazing city, maybe not for live but for visit is a wonderful place. And yes, with her own historical times fascinates. Even me, in living here, every time I find something to explore and to be fascinated. I hope and wish you to visit this magical city in the future, but neat future. My husband and I would like to have a cup of tea with you both at the sea side of the Bosphorus. Dreams never to be ended…Love, nia

        3. My bucketlist is quite big and I have a big travel list, but you are right, you never know, maybe some travel dreams can come true some day 🙂 If it takes me to Istanbul some day, I would enjoy a tea with you and your husband. Thanks Nia, best wishes for the new year 🙂

    1. Yes, for someone who likes to hike, that is a refreshing alternative, and also good to get some new photos. Reinfeld has 8500 citizens, I had to Google this, but even then I do wonder where all the 8500 people are, it doesn’t look like that (laugh). No matter what, it’s very small compared to Lübeck with more than 200.000 citizens. There is Bad Oldesloe near us (15 mins or so by car), they have around 24.000 citizens.. Reinfeld is still very close to Lübeck, while Bad Oldesloe is almost in the middle of Hamburg and Lübeck 🙂

        1. I heard many people calling Reinfeld a village, but they have their own website called “city-reinfeld” (literally translated)… but you are probably right, with it’s own town hall and administration, Reindfeld is probably called a town in English. Meanwhile I wouldn’t call Lübeck a town, it’s a city, and Hamburg a metropole… but I am not sure here because it’s English and the terms used are different than the German ones. Here is how we make the difference (again literally translated)…

          Village = Dorf
          Small Town = Kleinstadt
          City = Stadt
          Big city = Großstadt

          Since there are quite a lot of medium or big cities in Germany, and usually small towns or villages between them, people tend to use the German words for small town and village interchangeable. That is my science approach about the subject 😀 But again, I believe you made a good point, Reinfeld is definitely a town, a small town in the district Storman of the federal state Schleswig Holstein, and Storman contains some other even much smaller places where the term village would fit better, at least in English. 🙂

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