Tractor Tracks

Farm tractor tracks

Sometimes I really like minimalism in photography. You can take photos where there are tons of things in the scene, and most often it can be very interesting, but sometimes there are also scenes that are beautiful because there is less. When I look at the image above, I remember that I liked the green colour of the field, and I liked it how the tractor tracks acted like leading lines, that made my eyes move from the bottom of the field to the top, and the other way around.

When it comes to colours, there is just blue, green and the sandy track colour. The tracks also give the photo depth, you really see that the field is huge, almost looking like a hill. I shot another photo with a very similar concept in the past, it was a yellow field with tracktor tracks. Do you like minimalism in photography too?

8 thoughts on “Tractor Tracks

    1. For me it’s sometimes like collecting memories of my hikes… sometimes there are fairly simple things that I still find beautiful. In this case it was the shape of the field, that was only visible due to the tractor tracks. 🙂

  1. A striking image. I too sometimes take stripped down shots like a faint path in the mountains winding its way around the rocky bones of the earth. They are extracts. They sum up the experience of being there.I rather see herds of buffalo grazing grass though!
    By the way you yellow photo taken in May is impressive. Yes we do call it rape – it is grown for the handouts from the EU and blankets the English countryside in spring.It is turned into rape seed oil after treatment with Hexanes and degummers etc – horrible stuff, and animal feed to make them sick too.

    1. “They sum up the experience of being there.”

      Pretty much this. I like to take photos of trails and other simple things, because when I am not hiking, it reminds me at home when I browse through my blog or photo library again. It’s maybe like an addiction, an addiction to freeze and collect moments. And maybe we want to convey what we saw during our hikes, convey the experience of being there as you said.

      I am glad you like the other photo too. Yes, I was pretty surprised about the ambiguous translation. We have some much fields with rape here too, in spring it’s fairly easy to find yellow fields in Northern Germany too. I shot this photo in Reinfeld, somewhere between Hamburg and Lübeck.

    1. It mainly reminds me of my hikes, I even used those tracktor tracks to get over the fields. But I also like those minimalist shots because they work well as desktop background images in WIndows 😀

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