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How To Open And Use The Console In Mass Effect Andromeda


Many Electronic Arts games based on the FrostByte engine allow you to open a console window that you can use to type in console commands, many of the allow you to enable or disable special functions, for example to benchmark your system or to play around with hidden graphic settings. This is not much different in Mass Effect Andromeda. In this short guide you will learn how to open the Mass Effect Andromeda console window.

How To Open The Mass Effect Andromeda Console

To open the console window, just press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. The console window should now be opened and now you can type whatever command you want to use, and after that you just need to confirm your input with the return key. To close the console, just press the tilde key (~) again on your keyboard.

If you want to find out what kind of commands you can use, type “list” into the console without the quotation marks, or check my up to date list of all Mass Effect Andromeda console commands. If you want to find out more tricks, check out my Mass Effect Andromeda article section.

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Last Words

I hope this short guide was helpful. Feel free to check the comment section if you want to share additional knowledge, it might help other people too.


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