How To Completely Disable The Mass Effect Andromeda UI


In this short guide you will learn how to completely disable or hide the UI in Mass Effect Andromeda. You might want to take screenshots without the UI, or you want to record a video scene, it’s possible to do that without the UI. We will do this with a console command that I will show you in this post. Let’s take a look how we can hide the UI in Mass Effect Andromeda…

How To Hide The Mass Effect Andromeda UI

  1. To hide the user interface, we need to open the console with the tilde key (~).
  2. We will use one of the console commands, in this case we will type “UI.DrawEnable 0” without quotation marks into the console and confirm with return.
  3. Done, the user interface should now be invisible.

How To Show The Mass Effect Andromeda UI

  1. If we want to show the user interface again, we have to open the console another time.
  2. This time we will type “UI.DrawEnable 1” without quotation marks (by the way, before you type anything, you can use the arrow up key to find the last command you typed, and then you just have to change the number “0” to “1”).
  3. Done, the user interface should be visible again.

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Last Words

I hope this guide helped you and you can now do your things without the user interface. I always try to keep my Mass Effect Andromeda articles updated, so if you found out that something isn’t working anymore, please drop a comment below. You can also comment if you want to add additional information’s or if you just want to discuss something related. If you like, you can also share my article with your circles. Otherwise, have a lot of fun!


7 thoughts on “How To Completely Disable The Mass Effect Andromeda UI

  1. Thank you for this, but the command is actually UI.DrawEnable 0 and UI.DrawEnable 1.

    Also, because the only way to take a picture during cinematic and dialogue scenes is to use Screenshot.Render, using this command may remove the interface but it won’t stop the console from appearing in the picture.

    1. Oh yes it is “UI.DrawEnable”, thanks, I messed this up in my guide! Thanks I corrected this! For screenshots I usually use external screen capture tools like Fraps. In this case you just disable the UI, close the console, and position yourself so that you like the scene and take the screenshot with the external tool. That’s how I do it 🙂 Thanks again for pointing out the error in my guide 🙂

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