Schellbruch Swamp

The Schellbruch area in Lübeck is always interesting, mainly because it’s a bird paradise, which means it’s also a paradise for those who want to try to photograph birds. But if I go there, I don’t always go there to spot birds, I also go there to enjoy the Trave River, the lagoons and the swamp areas. The photo in this post was shot there, it shows how the swamp looks there. I added some graduated filter effects to the image and adjusted several other things like the contrast and so. The original image looked quite boring but now it’s somewhat interesting. Here is the original…

5 thoughts on “Schellbruch Swamp

    1. Good point. At the moment it’s still not a problem but in summer there can be a lot of midgets, bees and wasps, which makes hiking there a bit more annoying then. 😀

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