Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

The current WordPress Photo Challenge comes with the topic bridge. It’s funny, I really can’t tell you how much bridge photos I shot, I am not even sure why I do that, but I can tell you that I have tons of bridge photos. I don’t know, sometimes I like the textures of the cement or wood, or the graffiti work that makes materials look very urban. There must be some kind of reason why I take these photos, maybe it’s just that we have too much bridges here (laugh). Joke aside, yeah I think it’s about the structure, the materials, and maybe that I can take the photos from different perspectives, like being under the bridge, far away or what not. For this challenge I prepared one that I shot because it looked very urban. In these cases I like black and white filters, which is why I made this change…

The photo was taken during one of my hikes along the Trave Channel in Lubeck. There was enough nature in this area, but sometimes somethings like train paths, bridges or highways cut the nature in half. In this case it was one Autobahn bridge. You can find some more bridge photos on my blog, but most of my bridge photos sit in my library and are waiting to be edited and uploaded in the future.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

    1. Thank you Dina. I believe the bottoms of the bridge act like leading lines, and it leads the eyes to the graffiti work, I think 🙂

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